Client Profile

Big Machine Records is a popular music label from Nashville, Tennessee. Since 2005, they’ve been bringing country and pop music to fans worldwide. They’re known for working with stars like Dolly Parton and Tim McGraw. With over a million followers, they play a big role in the music industry, engaging a huge community of music lovers. They aim to connect deeply with fans and celebrate music together.


Big Machine Records wanted to create a stronger community feeling among their fans. They needed a way to show fans enjoying their artists’ music and to keep everyone connected through their experiences. With lots of fans but limited interaction, they sought a solution that would bring fan contributions to the forefront, making their website a hub for shared musical joy.


SociableKIT provided the perfect tool with its Instagram Hashtag Feed widget. This solution was deployed on “”, showcasing how fans around the world enjoy Danielle’s music. It plays photos and videos directly on the website, making it a lively, interactive experience. This feature not only boosted fan engagement but also transformed the website into a vibrant community space, celebrating every fan’s moment with Danielle’s music.


After using the SociableKIT Instagram Hashtag Feed, Big Machine Records saw a big jump in fan interaction. Fans loved seeing their photos and videos on the website, feeling more connected to the music and each other. The widget made the website a fun place to visit, increasing visits and the time people spent there. It turned its website into a community hub where fans share their love for music, boosting overall engagement.


SociableKIT proved to be an excellent solution for Big Machine Records, enhancing fan engagement and community spirit on their website. The Instagram Hashtag Feed widget not only attracted more visitors but also deepened the fans’ connection with their favorite music.

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