Client Profile

Introducing Elizabeth Faraci, a talented artist living in Denver, Colorado. Elizabeth enjoys experimenting with different media and has a background in fine arts. Her art reflects her deep interest in the cosmos and human nature. Her work, seen in prominent galleries such as the RiNo Art District and Spark Gallery, attempts to provide fresh insights and initiate philosophical discussions.


Like many artists, She aced the challenge of effectively showcasing her work online. She was talented and committed, but she needed help to connect her website and social media accounts, which made it difficult for her to interact with her audience and draw in new business. Elizabeth risked losing significant visibility and reach by searching for a great way to embed her LinkedIn updates onto her website. This problem emphasizes the importance of having available tools that let businesses and artists effectively share their social media content across numerous platforms, increasing their online visibility and strengthening bonds with their audience.


SociableKIT’s LinkedIn Page Posts widget gave Elizabeth Faraci a simple yet powerful solution to her online visibility challenge. She could easily share her most recent artwork, events, and observations with her website visitors because of SociableKIT’s seamless integration of her LinkedIn posts onto Elizabeth’s website. She captivated her audience and encouraged deeper involvement with her website by transforming it into a vibrant hive of creativity with a few simple clicks.


Thanks to SociableKIT, Elizabeth Faraci experienced a remarkable improvement in her online presence and connectivity. Adding her LinkedIn posts to her website boosted her customer engagement and reach while displaying her artwork and ideas about them. She was able to share a lot of things and she was able to gain their trust, attention, and support.

Client Review

“Being able to share my LinkedIn posts on my website is such an amazing feature and there was no cost to do it. I highly recommend this for any business looking to get more exposure and connectivity between their marketing channels.” – Elizabeth Faraci


SociableKIT helped Elizabeth with what she needed to improve her online reach, visibility, and engagement. She easily added her LinkedIn postings to her website and gave her customers user engagement while promoting her product with the help of SociableKIT.

Elizabeth was about to build a bridge between her website and visibility in the social media world; being able to display and showcase her art to the world got her reputation, trust, and paying customers. With the help of SociableKIT, many website owners like Elizabeth will be able to reach the world.

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