You must connect your Facebook to SociableKIT to easily select your Facebook page. This way, your Facebook page will be retrieved automatically. You must be an admin of the Facebook page you want to use.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Login to SociableKIT.
  2. On the credentials text area, click the Facebook button to log in through Facebook.
  3. It will automatically log in to the Facebook account you are currently signed in.

This is the alternative way to connect your Facebook account in SociableKIT while making Facebook widgets:

  1. Go to the official website of SociableKIT.
  2. Login with your current credentials.
  3. On the top right of your screen, click the “Create Widget” button to redirect you to the creation of widget page.
  4. Select your desired Facebook widget from the dropdown list.
  5. There will appear a “Connect Facebook” button, click it.
  6. After connecting your Facebook account, it will scan your account for any pages or groups depending on the widget you choose.

Important Note: A “Facebook Page” is different from a “Personal Facebook Account” or “Facebook Group”.

A “Facebook Page” is considered as “Facebook Business Page” while a “Personal Facebook Account” is the one you probably use every day, the one you use to connect or chat with friends.

So, if you choose SociableKIT’s “Facebook Page” feature, make sure you are using a Facebook page and not a “Personal Facebook Account” and not a “Facebook Group”.

Learn more about Facebook pages here. If you need to set up your Facebook page, do it here.

Add Facebook widgets to your site for free

You can easily put Facebook content on your website at no cost! SociableKIT lets you show Facebook feeds. Create a Facebook widget here.

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