How To Embed Twitter Hashtag Feed On Website?

Today I will teach you how to embed Twitter hashtag feed on website. Click the play button below. Please watch it in HD and full screen.

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Need a step by step text guide?

We’ve broken down the steps for you into an easy-to-follow guide. The following steps are the text version of our video tutorial above.

  1. Create a free-trial SociableKIT account here and log in. [Video Tutorial]
  2. Once logged in, click the “+ Create Solution” button.
  3. On the drop-down, select “Twitter Hashtag Feed” option.
  4. Enter your Twitter hashtag, without the # sign. For example: serengeti
  5. Click the “Proceed” button. This will show you the customization options.
  6. Click the “</> Embed On Website” button located on the upper-right corner of the screen.
  7. On the pop up, copy the embed code by clicking the “Copy Code” button.
  8. Open your code editor.
  9. Paste the embed code on your website.
  10. Refresh your page. Done!

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Why use SociableKIT?

There are times you do not want to post on Twitter. You just want to use Twitter content (by hashtag) posted by other people and embed it on your website.

Why? Because you know how tiring it is to post Twitter updates twice. One on Twitter. One on your website.

We hear you.

That’s why we created the SociableKIT website plugin.

Once you signed up for a free trial, you won’t have to post anything on Twitter anymore.

The SociableKIT website plugin will display Twitter hashtag feed on your website automatically. You control its look & feel as well.

Avoid double duty. Work less and enjoy more of your time.

Make your website visitors enjoy the Twitter hashtag feed on your website as well.

Enjoy our tutorial about how to embed Twitter hashtag feed on website!

Will SociableKIT work on my website?

SociableKIT Website Plugins has been tried and tested to work with the following CMS or website builders: Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, Shopify, WordPress, Tumblr, Jimdo, Mobirise, Voog, and Drupal

Your CMS is not on our list? Your website was built without any website builder? No problem! There's 99% chance that SociableKIT will still work on your website!

Need SociableKIT support?

We can help you. There are two ways to send your questions, comments or suggestions to us. Choose one.

  1. Use our live chat box located here or on the lower right corner of this page.
  2. Send an email to

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Thank You!

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  1. This page says “there’s a free account,” but your pricing page says, “We do not have a free version. But we have a 7 days free trial. If you need to continue using our services after 7 days, you need to upgrade your account.”

    Update this page to be accurate.

    • Sorry for the confusion. We only have 1-day free trial for hashtag feeds and 7 days free trial for the rest of our solutions. The article above is now updated. Thank you!


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