How to Find Facebook Page ID?


How to Find Facebook Page ID?

You must connect your Facebook to SociableKIT to easily select your Facebook page ID.

  1. Login to SociableKIT.
  2. On the upper right corner, click “Connect Facebook and Instagram” menu.
  3. Click “Login with Facebook” button.
  4. Click “Continue” and click “Ok” button.
  5. Click “Select Facebook Page” button.
  6. On the pop up, you may now select a Facebook page of your choice.

Note: You must be an admin of the Facebook page you want to use.

If you are not an admin of the page, here’s another way to enter your Facebook page ID:

  1. Use sites like
  2. Or, find the numeric value or name on the URL of your page.

For example:

From that URL, the Facebook page ID is 185933601940455

Important Note: A “Facebook Page” is different from a “Personal Facebook Account” or “Facebook Group”.

A “Facebook Page” is considered as “Facebook Business Page” while a “Personal Facebook Account” is the one you probably use everyday, the one you use to connect or chat with friends.

So, if you choose SociableKIT’s “Facebook Page” feature, make sure you are using a Facebook page and not a “Personal Facebook Account” and not a “Facebook Group”.

Learn more about Facebook pages here. If you need to set up your Facebook page, do it here.

Still not working?

SociableKIT can only pull data from ‘public’ Facebook pages. Page restrictions like age or country restrictions must be disabled.

Here’s a quick fix to make your Facebook Page visible to the public.
1. Login to Facebook.
2. Make sure you’re on your Facebook page.
3. Look to the upper left corner – you should see: Page | Activity | Settings
4. Click on the Setting link.

Check Your Country Restrictions
1. Under the General tab click on Country Restrictions to verify you did not list a specific country.
2. If you listed a specific country, click the “x” to remove it and save your changes.

Check Your Age Restrictions
1. Just below the Country Restrictions is Age Restrictions – edit this section.
2. Select “Anyone (13+)” and click Save Changes

That’s it – Log out of Facebook, then put your Facebook Page Page url (eg: in the address bar of your browser and check to make sure you can see your business without having to login to Facebook.


How to find my Facebook Page ID?

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