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Since its humble origins in a small shed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1903, Harley Davidson has become a well-known symbol in the motorcycle industry. With a history spanning over a century, Harley Davidson embodies the spirit of independence and adventure fundamental to American road culture. The company boasts over 12 million devoted enthusiasts because of its reputation for building the most unique motorcycles. Harley Davidson, which sells motorbikes and embodies a distinctive way of life that its supporters like, is a pioneer in the automotive sector.


Harley Davidson had difficulties using its digital platforms to effectively showcase its active lifestyle and lively community activities, especially with its strong brand presence and sizable fanbase. Their traditional website couldn’t effectively display updates from their Facebook events and photo albums, resulting in a gap between online and offline engagement. This disconnect made it harder for fans and potential customers to connect with the brand’s rich heritage and active community life, potentially affecting customer engagement and sales.


To bridge the gap between Harley Davidson’s online presence and its vibrant community events, SociableKIT provided the perfect solution. We implemented the Facebook Page Events and Photo Albums widgets on their website. Now, visitors can see upcoming events and browse recent photo albums without leaving the website. This integration keeps the website fresh and engaging. It boosts visitor interaction, ensuring that Harley Davidson’s digital presence reflects the excitement and community spirit at their events and gatherings.


After integrating SociableKIT widgets, Harley Davidson experienced a significant boost in online engagement. Facebook page events and photo albums kept their website content lively and current, drawing more visitors. This increased engagement led to higher attendance at events and more interaction on the website, fostering a stronger sense of community among followers. Additionally, the seamless display of social media enhanced user experience, making the website a hub for information and inspiration.


Implementing SociableKIT widgets on Harley Davidson’s website proved to be a highly effective solution. Harley Davidson enhanced their online engagement and user experience by seamlessly integrating their Facebook events and photo albums. This strategic move bridged the gap between their digital presence and active community participation, making their website a dynamic platform that reflects their brand’s legacy and lifestyle. SociableKIT met and exceeded Harley Davidson’s needs, ensuring their digital presence is as compelling and vibrant as their real-world identity, driving engagement, and fostering a deeper connection with their community.

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