Social media integration has become one of the best marketing tools in the business field, with its capabilities of entertaining billions of users, connecting everyone whenever and wherever around the world, and its capability of giving millions of opportunities for business partnerships, collaborations, and audiences. Everyone having access to the internet has access to social media, meaning everyone could be your audience, and some could be your next customer.

With social media being one of the best lead generators, it is easy to reach a wide range of audiences worldwide with one simple method: integration. Social media integration can bring you many leads or paying customers. 

But one of the best sources of money is the loyal customers, who trust and label your brand, product, or service to be the best they ever got and will return again and again. These customers are maintained the company to be their loyal customers in many different ways like through Email and real-time communication. 

Today, I will show you how social media helps you stay connected with your audience, the best ways to maintain connection and strengthen relationships with your customers using social media, and the best channels to communicate with them.

How social media maintains your connection with your audience

In a business, one of the most important things you need to improve is your connection to your audience or customers; why? Because it is the bridge between your business and your clients, its role is to update, bring news, help, and connect you with your audience. Building relationships with your audience can improve your brand’s reputation. 

Brand reputation is very important; if it is good, your audience will trust your brand, products, and services more and be more likely to share it with others. If your brand has a bad reputation, your business will be more likely to lose customers and loyal customers, and collaboration and partnerships will be out of reach. So how do you maintain the connection with your audience?

Real-Time Communication

Real-time communication is one of the best methods to keep or make a connection between the sender and the receiver. From a business perspective, your business needs to be able to communicate with your audience in real-time through live events or webinars. 

Real-time communication will benefit both the company and the customer since it is continuous and consistent; it also can feel very authentic for the customer since they communicate with you in real time rather than through emails. 

Real-time communication can solve many things, like problems they encounter that will be immediately explained or solved, strengthening the relationship between the company and the customer. Your product can be very good and exceptional, but without an audience or people, no one will know; there will be no development and no growth; there can be growth, but it won’t last long.

Feedback and Suggestions

Social media platforms are tools such as feedback and suggestion that the audience or customers can use to express what they feel about your product, good or bad. Taking good feedback and developing it more to maintain its good qualities while taking bad feedback as a tool to fix, improve, and enhance whatever area the audience found lacking. 

Social media can also be a source of suggestions where your users can suggest things they would like to see the next time they visit or things they would like your company to implement. By taking these suggestions and feedback seriously and implementing them, your customers or audience will feel more respected in a way that their feedback and suggestions matter and that they matter to you, improving your brand reputation and possibly creating a loyal customer.

Community Building

Social media platforms allow you to build a community around your business, creating a place where your customers, audience, or even visitors can feel that they belong and feel comfortable while building trust and loyalty amongst each other and your business by hosting events, promos and giveaways that develop a bond with your audience. 

Creating a community around your brand can maintain a long-term relationship and loyalty that can generate leads on its own by your community sharing your product with others or recommending it based on their experience with your business.

Tailored Content

One of the social media platform’s features is customizing your experience and the content you want others to see. Taking this as an advantage, you can tailor your content to your audience or customer’s interest and preferences. 

Also, by using social media, you can identify what is new and trending every moment, using it to give your audiences more interactive and up-to-date content that they will surely enjoy. Doing this will not only connect you and your audience, but it will also strengthen the relationship between you and your audience.

Updates and News

Social media being an ever-changing newspaper, you can use social media as your bulletin board where you can post regular updates about your business’ products, news about changes, and upcoming events like live webinars, campaigns, promos, and offers that might pique your audience’s interest. Posting these things about your brand or business can make your audience feel engaged with your brand. 

Also, posting relevant information about your brand or business can reach many potential business partnerships and collaborations that will help your brand and business and remind your business partner’s audience about your brand and theirs to your audiences. Connecting you with your business partner and your community with theirs.

Best ways to maintain the connection between you and your audience using social media

It is easy to generate leads and promote your brand, product, or services to other people, especially with the internet and social media. But what’s difficult is maintaining your connection with your customer; this is the problem that almost all businesses share; an audience turns into a customer, then into a paying customer, then never returns. 

Maintaining a connection between your customers and you are essential, and with the use of social media, it is possible. Using each social media platform’s potential to its utmost limits is key; if your selected social media has a feature that helps you host events and polls, you use it to your advantage. 

Keep your audience engaged with consistent interactions and giveaways that make them return or even be loyal to your brand. So, what are the best ways to maintain the connection between you and your audience?

Effective Customer Service

One of the many ways to maintain an audience is excellent customer service. Good customer service means you are interacting with your customers more, listening to them more, prioritizing their comfort more, and prioritizing solving their problems more. 

Customer Service is the face of your brand; if your customer service falls short, your customers will more likely see your brand as a brand that does not care about its customers. Your customer service represents a huge part of your brand, and having good customer service is one of the best ways to maintain a connection between you and your customers. 

Also, when it comes to good customer service, a fast response is a must; it shows that you prioritize and care for them.

Different Approaches for each different customer

When it comes to writing emails or doing calls, please, as much as possible, do not make it a business format but a personal one. In basic communication, every person is different from the other, so it is ineffective to use the same approach you used to a person to the rest of the people around you. 

Make them feel special by building a bridge, showing effort, and sincerely caring for them. This topic also applies in business; making the call or Email very sincere and unique based on the customer is essential while also not straying away from the main purpose of your call or Email and making it not too straight to the point but in a caring and respectful way.

Always keep it personal and not transactional, or they will feel like they are not talking to a human but to a robot who just wants something out of them, negatively affecting your brand’s name. Treat your customer like a VIP, not just another person that bought your products.

Follow-up or Survey

Taking care of our customers means going out of our way to be able to connect with them again, catching up with them, and asking how they are. You must do these things to maintain the connection with your audience; this makes them feel that you care for them and that it earns your customer appreciation. 

After a transaction purchase a day ago, always follow up with questions about the product they bought from you, asking about their feedback, thoughts on the product, how they would rate it, and along the way, give them promos and special offers. 

Follow-ups and Surveys are also ways to know if your customer is unhappy about something in your product; identifying the problem and having an immediate response to fix it has a positive look and effect on your brand, showing your customer’s feedback and feedback suggestions matter.

Always update your customers

One of the things that a loyal customer would want from their favorite brand is some new things and updates, new products and services, and I’m pretty sure that someone who is a fan of something always wants an update or two about it. Being able to update them about your products’ new items, promos, codes, or your services’ new system updates, or security updates, assuring them that they always get the updated news and features, is a positive effect on your customer’s eyes. 

Using social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., you can update a ton of customers without having to send an email to every single one of them. However, receiving an email just for you has its pros, too; as I said before, being able to send an email or call to them differently from another is good.

Host events, giveaways, and promos

Having an event, giveaways, and promos for your customer greatly impacts your already paying customers and others just scrolling down the social media platform. Hosting a live stream event with a giveaway increases the probability that your customers will share your live stream, and other visitors will see it and become paying customers. 

Hosting an event more often will make your customer stay and maintain the connection with them; interactions and Q&As will strengthen relationships with your customer. But do remember, not all businesses are compatible to do events, live streams, etc. For example, doing a live stream and giveaways is probably good if your business is about beauty products. 

If your business is about an application, then a webinar and Q&As are probably good with promo discounts.

Best channels to communicate with your audience

Connecting and communicating with your audience and customers is very important; it builds trust, loyalty, and a good reputation between you and your audience. Maintaining a connection with your customers not only benefits you, but it also benefits them. 

In a world where technology thrives and is around us, it’s probably in your best interest to start using and taking advantage of the internet and social media to reach a wide range of audiences and connect with them worldwide. While the list below differs, they have pros and cons based on your business and service. 

Here is the list of the best channels or mediums to use to communicate with your audience:


As technology continuously evolves and improves daily, I know that Email is now considered an old-fashioned way of communicating with other people. But it may seem like that; emailing people will always feel personal because it’s not like a post on social media where you generally refer to your audience. 

Emails are always personal, and every content in that Email is only for that person. But remember, Email is good or bad depending on your business. It might work, but not if your audience and customer keep growing, technology evolves, and so should you.


Having a website for your business in a digital world is a necessity. It represents your brand or business based on your website, promotes your business, and showcases its features. It also gives the customer time to browse your website and read about your business. 

Browsing your products and services, terms and agreements, services, how your products work, customer service, and many more. You are missing out on many benefits if you don’t have a website.

Social media

As I said before, social media is very powerful and can communicate through real-time posts, comments, and updates. Having access to social media means having access to a channel that contains billions of people who are using social media. 

It is free and great as a marketing tool and for communication.

Phone calls

Phone calls might not work for all customers, but it is most effective for audiences seeking collaboration and partnerships. Talking through the phone is one of the formal ways of communicating with fellow business partners, just like Email; phone calls are considered old-fashioned but still effective today. 

Phone calls make communication personal and effective for resolving issues and clarifying something. Phone calls in customer service are still a must, for they assure the customers in real-time.

Video calls

Consider this as a digital or technological way in the modern world to communicate face-to-face. Many software applications are tools such as video call channels, like Zoom, Google Meet, etc. 

Video calls are very handy, especially for a company that works 100% remotely. Video call is your best choice when you’re having a meeting with your employees working around the world. 

That being said, this can also be used when communicating with your audience; taking advantage of this and using live streams, webinars, and live events, this can be your main channel of communicating with your audience with many features like polls, surveys, real-time interaction, etc. (Depending on the applications you use.)

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Communicating with your audience is very important; responding to them builds bonds, relationships, trust, and loyalty toward your brand. 

Always remember that generating leads or attracting customers is easy; what you should focus on is enhancing your connection with your audience and maintaining them using the points above as your guide on how to maintain the connection with your audience and the best channels or medium for communication to keep that connection with your audience. 

And what can help you achieve this? By adding the hottest platform for communication, social media. Through the social media feed, improve brand reputation through social media, which you appear to be active, and a very cost-effective marketing tool with the help of SociableKIT integrating your desired social media feeds, and help you be at the top of the business world.

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