Is SociableKIT free? Is there a SociableKIT free alternative?
Is SociableKIT free? Is there a SociableKIT free alternative?

This post will answer your questions: Is SociableKIT free? Is there a SociableKIT free alternative?

We all love free stuff. Especially when it’s functional and works with our business. Are you a big fan of SociableKIT and want to use it without paying for it? Well, that might seem impossible, but you might be surprised!

What is SociableKIT?

First, for those new here, I want to tell you what SociableKIT is and what it does. SociableKIT is a free website widget that allows you to add customized social media content to your website.

You can add a LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google reviews feed to your website using SociableKIT. We have 70+ data sources and widgets that you can choose from!

Is SociableKIT free?

Yes, SociableKIT is FREE! We have a free-forever plan. You can use all SociableKIT widgets for free. Sign up for free. No credit card is required.

There are articles out there that say SociableKIT does not have a free plan. But this is not true, and we want to remove all the confusion. You can use SociableKIT for free.

Is there a SociableKIT free alternative?

Are you asking this question because you thought SociableKIT was not free? Then, you won’t need to search for a SociableKIT free alternative because SociableKIT is free. You won’t need to pay anything to use SociableKIT’s free widgets.

Why SociableKIT is free?

SociableKIT has a free plan because not all users need our premium features. The free plan also lets us spread the word about our free widgets. If more people know about our service, we can continue the development and maintenance of SociableKIT because some of them might convert to paying customers.

How can SociableKIT provide a free service?

We can continue to provide the service if some people decide to use our premium features and subscribe to a plan. The paying users allow us to pay for servers and software tools. We also pay for our employees. We are currently a team of 14 people. We have software developers, testers, customer success, operations, and data analysts.

How can I access SociableKIT free plan?

It is very easy to access the free plan. You just need to sign up for a free 7-day premium trial. It is free, and no credit card is required. The premium trial is needed for you to see the full features and benefits of SociableKIT. After seven days, you can switch to a free plan if you realize you don’t need our premium features.


We hope this post sets the record straight. SociableKIT has a free plan that you can use. Do not believe any other sources. You can try our service yourself by signing up for free. Let us know if you need further clarification. You can always chat with our support team.

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