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L’Oréal Paris, a significant player in the cosmetics and beauty industries, is committed to improving beauty everywhere and provides various products, including skincare and fragrances. Everyday beauty practices have been influenced by the well-known company L’Oréal Paris, which originates in Clichy, France, with a history dating back to 1909.

With 87,369 driven employees, L’Oréal Paris continues leading the cosmetics market because of their constant commitment to quality, beauty, and well-being.


They had to tackle a common problem for many brands: convincing their audience of the usefulness and impact of their products in real-world situations. Despite having a vast array of hairspray products loved by millions, they struggled to display these products’ diverse uses and results on their website.

The brand needed a dynamic, engaging way to feature user-generated content from Instagram, where customers shared their hairstyles and experiences, to bridge the gap between social media buzz and their official online presence, making their website as vibrant and interactive as their products deserve.


L’Oréal Paris found its game-changer in SociableKIT’s Instagram Hashtag Feed widget. This innovative tool seamlessly integrated a live feed of Instagram posts tagged directly onto their website with specific hashtags related to L’Oréal’s hairspray products.

Suddenly, the brand could showcase accurate, user-generated content that highlighted the creativity and satisfaction of their customers. This enriched the website’s appeal and boosted engagement by connecting potential customers with genuine, relatable stories of product success.


Adding SociableKIT’s Instagram Hashtag Feed, L’Oréal Paris saw an immediate uplift in website engagement and social media presence. The showcase of user experiences with their hairspray products not only increased the time visitors spent on their site but also significantly boosted their social media following.

Customers felt more connected and engaged with the brand, seeing their posts featured on the website. This strategy led to a noticeable increase in product interest and sales, demonstrating the power of integrating social proof into their digital strategy.


L’Oréal Paris’s collaboration with SociableKIT through the Instagram Hashtag Feed widget proved to be a remarkable solution to their challenge. This partnership not only enhanced L’Oréal’s website engagement but also strengthened the connection between the brand and its audience.

SociableKIT’s widget was a key player in transforming L’Oréal’s digital presence, illustrating the power of social media integration in enriching the customer experience and boosting brand loyalty.

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