SociableKIT release notes: April 15, 2021

SociableKIT solutions were mentioned below. View live demos here. Learn how to use different SociableKIT solutions from our tutorials here.


  • New SociableKIT solution: Called “Tiktok Feed” is now live. Available on Grid and Carousel layout! Click here to view the demo and Click here to view the Blog.
  • Instagram feed solution: Under the pop-up tab, we added a new option called “Show likes count” and “Show comments count”. These options will allow you to show or hide like count and comment count on the popup.
  • LinkedIn Page events solution: Under the Moderation tab, we added a new option called “Exclude events”. This option will allow you to exclude events on the feed.
  • Google Play reviews solution: Under the moderation tab, we added a new option called “Exclude reviews”. This option will allow you to remove reviews on the feed.
  • Twitter feed solution: We’ve added a new tab called “Pop up”. Under this tab are the color options for the pop-up: Background color, font color, and link color.
  • Vimeo channel solution: Under the Channel tab, we’ve added a new option called the “Show channel info on pop up”. This option will allow you to show or hide the channel information on a popup.
  • YouTube channel and YouTube playlist solutions: The video thumbnail’s height is now adjusted to make the description more readable. IMP
  • Vimeo user and Vimeo channel solution: Once the Moderation features are enabled and there are no videos that match the criteria, a message on the feed is now more descriptive: No videos found
  • Twitter hashtag feed solution: Pop up tab feature has been added. The Maayos theme now also has a readable link hover color.


  • Twitter feed solution: Description on the popup is now on the right side of the photo.
  • YouTube playlist solution: When clicking a playlist, a pre-loader is now shown at the center of the thumbnail.
  • Facebook page reviews solution: The Badge color options are now moved to the new “Badge” tab. under the same tab, we’ve added new these new options: “Badge link color” and “Badge link hover color”. These options will allow you to change link colors in the Badge.
  • Facebook page live video solution: When the page is not live, a placeholder image is shown. When you hover on this image, the mouse cursor becomes a pointer. This signals to the user that you can click the image and go to the page on Facebook.
  • Facebook page videos and Vimeo channel solution: The next and previous button is now horizontally centered on the Carousel layout.
  • YouTube playlist solution: When typing on the search box, we added the “X” button to remove the inputted text.
  • Instagram story highlights solution: We improved the story highlights photos that look stretched on the preview. It looks exactly like the original now. Also, the videos that were not playing are now playing. Thanks to Bohdan of BloggerMall for requesting this improvement.
  • Google reviews solution: The feed supports special characters now.


  • Google my business photos solution: Small images on popup are now bigger and more viewable.
  • Facebook page photo albums solution: We fixed an issue where after connecting a Facebook account, the “Save changes” button stopped working.
  • Twitter feed and Twitter collections solution: We fixed an issue where the links and hashtags were not clickable after clicking the load more button.
  • Instagram hashtag feed solution: We fixed an issue where the load more button is missing on some websites. Thank you customer Lisa Gasser for reporting this issue!
  • LinkedIn page events solution: Events profile picture is now showing on the Firefox browser.
  • Google reviews solution: The right arrow is now hidden if it is the last slide in the carousel layout.
  • LinkedIn page events solution: We fixed an issue where the date badge is being cut off when the column count (on carousel layout) was changed to 3 or higher.
  • LinkedIn page posts solution: On Brave browser, the article thumbnail is now showing properly in the feed. Thanks to Jesus Cuesta of Web2impact for requesting this improvement.
  • Twitter feed and Facebook page offers solution: We removed the duplicated post when clicking twice the load more button.
  • Bandsintown events solution: Fixed an issue where the feature “Show get tickets button” is not working once enabled. Thanks to Michelle of Wanaaring Road Music Pty Ltd for reporting this issue!
  • Eventbrite events solution: We removed the duplicated events when the load more is being clicked twice.
  • Instagram hashtag feed solution: Fixed an issue when the feature “Show username” is enabled, the username is not automatically displaying in the feed. Thanks to Dimitris of KG DIGITAL SERVICE LTD for reporting this issue!
  • Facebook group post solution: Fixed an issue where the load more button is missing. Thanks to Tech Bravo of Studio Bravo for reporting this issue!
  • Facebook page posts solution: Fixed an issue where the text on pop up overlaps the description.

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