SociableKIT release notes: August 31, 2019

SociableKIT solutions were mentioned below. View live demos here. Learn how to use different SociableKIT solutions from our tutorials here.


  • Facebook page posts solution: You may now limit the number of characters seen in each posted item. This is useful if a post has long text content. Use this option by going to the “Post item” tab and change the value in the “Character limit” input box. If you enter 0, the whole content will be shown. If you enter a valid number, the post will show a limited number of characters with a “Read more” link. Thanks to customer Sebastian of GMX SE for requesting this feature.
  • Facebook page events solution: You may now set the number of events shown by default. This option can be found under the “Events feed” tab. Change the value of the “Event count” input box. Then, you click the “Save changes” button for the setting to take effect.
  • Facebook page events solution: You may now show or hide the date picker. This option can be found under the “Control Bar” tab. Check or un-check the “Show date picker” option. Click the “Save changes” button. Thanks to customer Scott of Kickball Hampton Roads for requesting this feature.


  • SociableKIT account: For canceled accounts, you may now re-activate by simply logging into your SociableKIT account. Go to Subscriptions > Re-activate account. There you can choose a subscription plan to re-activate your account.
  • Facebook page events solution: The location map that you can see on the popup is moved below the event description. This is to make the user experience better on mobile devices. Scrolling on the map is now not required to see the description. Thanks to customer Haley of The Sway company for requesting this feature.
  • Twitter feed solution: We provided better caching for the Twitter feed so it will always load fast. Thanks to Nishanta of Ville de Houilles for requesting this feature.
  • Facebook page events solution: Our plugin now support multiple embeds in one web page. Thanks to Kishan of Ask Zipy for requesting this feature.


  • Facebook page events solution: Fixed a bug where some events were duplicated in the list view. Thanks to Guowei of Resorts World Malaysia for reporting this issue.
  • Facebook page posts solution: Fixed an issue where the feed does not show when using the Opera web browser. Thanks to Chris of 8DM for reporting this issue.
  • Private Instagram feed solution: The load more button is missing even though there are more posts to be shown. It is now fixed.
  • Facebook page events solution: The date text on the date picker is now showing. Thanks to customer Ryan of Rivals Lounge company for reporting this issue.
  • Facebook page reviews and Facebook page posts solution: These two feeds were not showing consistently when embedded on the same page. The customer is using Chrome on macOS. It is now fixed. Thanks to Bryan of Boat House Rock for reporting this issue.

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