SociableKIT release notes: August 9, 2020

SociableKIT solutions were mentioned below. View live demos here. Learn how to use different SociableKIT solutions from our tutorials here.


  • Facebook page events solution: The “Default font-size” now have the same value in all types of themes.
  • Facebook page events solution: The badge can now be displayed even without an event image. Thanks to Mark Jones of We Are Danvers for requesting this feature.
  • Vimeo channel solution: You may now display up to 50 Vimeo videos on the feed. Thanks to Andrew Lawes of Estuary Yoga Space for requesting this feature.
  • Facebook page About solution: The website link, profile biography, current location, press contact, and booking agent can now be displayed on the feed.
  • Facebook page videos solution: On the pop-up, the close button is now at the upper outside of the video.
  • Google reviews solution: We made the following changes below.
    • We created a new tab called the “Badge”. The “Badge background-color” and “Badge font color” options were moved there.
    • On the pop-up, if there is only one photo, the image width is now 100%. If there are two photos, the width is 50% each. If 3 photos or more, the width is 33% each. These changes will make your pop up view look better.
  • Google Play reviews solution: Under the Moderation tab, the “Pre-approved” option now allows you to select reviews on a pop-up.
  • Facebook page posts solution: The “Character limit” feature is now working on the video description.


  • YouTube channel solution: We added equal spaces on all four sides of the feed. The content, subscribe button and the search bar now looks better.
  • Facebook page reviews solution: The profile description is now displayed below the username. Reviews that contain pictures are now showing consistently as well.
  • Google reviews solution: The “Character limit” is now set to 300 by default. This will make other reviews more viewable and not dominated by a long Google review.
  • On the following solutions, the next arrow, previous arrow, and close button are now above the photo to highlight the post content.
    • Instagram feed
    • Instagram hashtag feed
    • Private Instagram feed solutions
  • Facebook page Offers solution: The image on the pop-up is now larger and more viewable.
  • Twitter hashtag feed solution: On the “Posts” tab, if the “Show profile image” checkbox option was unchecked, the unwanted blank space on the feed was removed.
  • Facebook page posts solution: We made the following improvements.
    • The search box is now hidden by default. If you want to enable it, just check the “Show search box” under the “Posts” tab.
    • In the slider layout, the next and previous button is now outside of the post so it is noticeable. While on the mobile view, the column is now set to 1 and the arrows in the upper right corner of the post.
    • The “Arrow color” feature is now moved under the “Slider” tab.
    • The default stroke color of the arrow is now changed to black so it is more visible.
  • Google reviews solution: The “star color” option was moved under the “Badge” tab.
  • Facebook page photo albums solution: Special characters on album titles are now supported.


  • Medium feed solution: The duplicate image showing below the main post image was removed.
  • Twitter hashtag feed solution: The tweets are now inside the container and not overlapping in the feed anymore. This issue happens on some websites.
  • Medium feed solution: Fixed an issue where the feed Medium username checkbox option is not working. Thanks to Blogger Claudia Allen for reporting this issue.
  • Facebook group events solution: Fixed an issue where the event items overlap when embedding in Squarespace.
  • YouTube channel solution: Fixed an issue where the video title was cut off.
  • LinkedIn page posts solution: Fixed an issue where the images from YouTube posts are not displaying in the feed.
  • Facebook page events to Google calendar solution: Fixed an issue where the “Save changes” button is not working.
  • YouTube Playlist solution: Fixed an issue where the playlist is not displaying in the feed on some websites. Thanks to Blogger Skinny Was Here for reporting this issue.
  • Medium post solution: Fixed an issue where Maayos theme text color is not readable on a Weebly website.

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