SociableKIT release notes: December 12, 2017

  • New feature: Facebook page events – show event image on calendar view, see Calendar tab > Show event image on calendar checkbox.
  • New feature: Facebook page reviews – show overall rating badge, see Profile tab > Show overall rating checkbox
  • New feature: Facebook page reviews – option to show “load more” button
  • New feature: Duplicate custom feed – useful if you want to design a custom feed based on existing feed.
  • New feature: Buy more custom feed page – useful if you want to increase the number of custom feeds you can create
  • Enhancement: Facebook page reviews – hide “load more” button if there’s no next page.
  • Enhancement: Facebook page feed – hide “load more” button if there’s no next page.
  • Enhancement: Affiliate links – changed format to track by JavaScript, not by a redirect.
  • Fixed: Facebook page events – April 2018 calendar view is wrong when calendar starts on Monday.
  • Fixed: Facebook page reviews – not clickable ‘like’ button when there’s no FB page username.
  • Fixed: Instagram hashtag feed – “load more” button not showing if there are less than 15 posts.
  • Fixed: YouTube channel feed – “load more” button not showing if the channel has very few videos.
  • Fixed: Typo error in an email message when you try to purchase a DSM key.
  • Fixed: Check and removed duplicate affiliate accounts.
  • Fixed: Facebook page feed – bottom like button not working
  • Updated: Login page – become an affiliate link.
  • Updated: Earnings page now shows number of free trials made from your affiliate links.
  • Updated: Earnings page now has social share buttons for easy sharing of affiliate links.
  • Updated: Buy page – message if the user has a free trial account, he has to log in before buying a key.

DSM Website of the week!

Our website of the week is!

As the domain name implies, this website is about a band called Shoebox Money. Drawing equally from classic rock and blues as well as post garage rock revival and alt-punk, these indie rockers produce theory-driven music and put on high energy live shows.

I listened to several of their songs and I must say it’s great! I love rock music and their music feels like a new perspective. Give them a try! By the way, the amazing website was made by Wildman Web Solutions. Big thanks to Miles and his team for using DSM on their projects! used the following DSM custom feed solutions on their homepage.