SociableKIT release notes: December 23, 2020

Hello Dear Customers!

The team and I wanted to reach out one more time this year to say thank you and happy holidays! You are an important part of SociableKIT, and we’re so glad to have you along for the ride.

We’re delighted to work with you and we’re excited to see what we achieve together in 2021. Have a wonderful holiday break and we’ll see you in the new year!

Best wishes,
The SociableKIT Team

By the way, here’s what we’ve worked on in the last few weeks.

SociableKIT solutions were mentioned below. View live demos here. Learn how to use different SociableKIT solutions from our tutorials here.


  • Facebook page posts solution: Under the “Post item” tab, we added a feature “Border radius” so we can customize the border-radius of post items.
  • Facebook page events solution: Date badge now has a start and end date even if the event is a recurring event.
  • Facebook page posts solution: We added the “Pre-approval” feature under the Moderation tab. You can now select posts that you want to show up in the feed.
  • Yelp reviews solution: We’ve added have a Moderation tab where you can exclude reviews or pre-approve reviews.
  • Pinterest board solution: When creating the solution, you can now copy the URL of the Pinterest board. Our system will automatically identify the username and board name.
  • Facebook page photo albums solution: We now have a Moderation tab where you can exclude albums or pre-approve albums.
  • Facebook page live video solution: Under the “Basic” tab, you may now upload a custom image that will show up when your Facebook page is not live.
  • New SociableKIT solution: You may now customize and embed your “Facebook Group Posts” on your website. Click here to view the tutorial.
  • YouTube live video solution: Added a “Live chat” button under the video description. Clicking this button will open a new tab where you can use YouTube’s live chat feature.
  • Facebook page playlist solution: Added an option to change the “Like us on Facebook” text under the “Texts” tab.
  • New SociableKIT solution: You may now customize and embed your “Instagram Story Highlights” on your website. Click here to view the tutorial.


  • Facebook group events and Facebook group event (one event): Clicking links on the post’s description are now redirected to its original link, not a link to Facebook.
  • Instagram stories solution: We removed unnecessary elements like the likes and comments icons. We’ve added the account username above the story.
  • YouTube playlists (multiple playlists) solution: The channel ID link under the Basic tab is now linked to the Playlists tab on YouTube. On the feed, we’ve added a “View full playlist” text and videos count to emphasize that an item is a playlist.
  • Facebook page events solution: We moved the “Date picker font color”, “Date box border-color”, “Search box border-color” options to the “Bar” tab.
  • Vimeo channel solution: When hovering the video, the duration is now displaying.
  • YouTube playlist (single playlist) solution: The order of videos in the YouTube playlist and SociableKIT feed is now the same. Thanks to Jamie of KB musician for requesting this improvement.


  • Google my business photos solution: Fixed an issue when the solution creation page is reloaded, it turns to require a Facebook page ID instead of searching a Google place.
  • YouTube channel solution: Fixed an issue where the video thumbnail has border lines when viewed on mobile (iPhone 12) and tablet (iPad Pro) devices using Google chrome browser. Thanks to Casey of Flurry and Snow for reporting this issue!
  • Facebook page posts solution: Fixed an issue when clicking the close (X) button of a pop-up (on Squarespace), it keeps on going back to the top of the web page. Thanks to Stine Johnsen for reporting this issue!
  • Facebook page events solution: Fixed an issue where the feed is not working on a Wix website browsed through Google Chrome browser in MacBook Pro 2015 laptop. Thanks to Dion of Garden’s Gourmet for reporting this issue!
  • Facebook page playlists solution: Fixed an issue where the background of the video pop-up is being distorted on a WordPress website.
  • Facebook page posts solution: Fixed an issue where feed is unable to show shared posts. Thanks to Kasper for reporting the issue!
  • Instagram feed and Twitter feed solution: Fixed an issue where the Instagram feed does not work with the Twitter feed when embedded on the same web page.
  • Twitter hashtag feed solution: Fixed an issue where the tweet that has an image is not displaying in the feed. Thanks to Berrin of AWED for reporting this issue.
  • YouTube playlists solution: Fixed an issue where it displays “content not found” on the pop-up when the first video opened is now fixed.

If you need help or if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, email me at [email protected] or chat with me here.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you. We greatly value your business. Thank you for using SociableKIT!

As 2020 comes to a close, we hope you find some time to relax, unwind, and celebrate your accomplishments this year. Wishing you happy holidays, and a smashing new year.

Kind Regards,
Mike Dalisay

Hi there! I'm the co-founder of SociableKIT. I hope you like our product! Our team is working hard to develop and maintain SociableKIT services. We believe that SociableKIT widgets are valuable for our customers. It makes their websites look more beautiful, useful, and automatically updated. Learn more from our blog. Got something to ask? Need support? You may contact our team here.