SociableKIT release notes: February 5, 2020

SociableKIT solutions were mentioned below. View live demos here. Learn how to use different SociableKIT solutions from our tutorials here.


  • Facebook page events solution: We created a new feature where we can show all events from multiple Facebook page IDs that you select. You can check this feature in the “Enable multi-page” under the basic tab!
  • YouTube channel solution: We added a feature that can help you show the duration and title of your video in the feed. Under the “Video Item” tab, you can see the “Show duration” and “Show title” checkboxes.
  • SociableKIT solutions: The “Hebrew basic” font now available on our “Font Family” dropdown. Thanks to Michael of TireDeal for requesting this feature.
  • Facebook page videos solution: We added new options called “Layout” and “Post Item Type” under the “Videos” tab. You might find your feed look better if you use these new options!
  • Medium publication feed solution: We added an option to customize the color of the “load more” button. This can be found under the “Buttons” tab. Thanks to David of Wake County Sheriff for requesting this feature.
  • Google calendar demos for Facebook events data are now available.
    1. Facebook page events to Google calendar solution
    2. Facebook group events to Google calendar solution
  • New tutorials on the blog are now available. Click the links below to read.
    1. How to embed LinkedIn page posts on website?
    2. How to embed LinkedIn profile posts on website?
    3. How to embed Medium post on website?
  • Video tutorials for Squarespace users are now available on our YouTube Channel. Please watch and share our Squarespace video tutorials.
    1. Twitter hashtag feed
    2. Facebook page videos
    3. Facebook page reviews
    4. Facebook page photo album
  • New video tutorials for Wix users are now available on our YouTube Channel. Please watch and share our Wix video tutorials.
    1. Google reviews
    2. Instagram feed
  • New video tutorials for Webflow users are now available on our YouTube Channel. Please watch and share our Webflow video tutorials.
    1. Instagram feed
    2. Facebook page events
  • Medium post: You can now instantly customize your feed using a theme. Select a Color Theme under the Themes tab.
  • LinkedIn page posts solution and LinkedIn profile posts solution: You can now use the Javascript embed code for your website! This will prevent the unwanted scrollbars on your webpage.


  • SociableKIT YouTube channel: We’re trying to improve the thumbnails of videos on our YouTube channel. We want to make it more useful and easy to understand. You can check them out here.
  • SociableKIT solutions: Our “Timezone” option now has a search function! Try going to the Basic tab of our Facebook page events solution.
  • Facebook page reviews solution: We improve our feeds by moving the Facebook like button under profile description. This is now more visible and easier to click.
  • YouTube channel and YouTube playlist solutions: When you hover on the thumbnail, it now darkens the thumbnail and lightens the play button. This effect is designed to give your YouTube videos more clicks and views!
  • SociableKIT solutions page: The items on our solutions page now have a boxed layout. We believe this is more useful this way and it looks better. We added a search function as well. View them here.
  • Facebook page events solution: On the mobile view, we removed unwanted scrollbar in the pop-up. The additional space is better for your event details.
  • Facebook page events solution: If there are multiple event dates, they are now aligned with event details in the feed.
  • Facebook page event solution: Our plugin is now working on IE 11 of Windows 7. Thanks to Kreatörerna of Folkparken for requesting this improvement.
  • YouTube playlist solution: The “Show post title”, “Show post hover” and “Show search box” options under the “Videos Item” tab are now working properly.
  • Facebook page events solutions: We made some changes to the code of our pop up. There were some issues found and we fixed it.
    1. Pop up size is now normalized. Not too big, not too small.
    2. The close (x) icon is now more visible.
    3. All pop-ups are scrolling if the content is long.
  • SociableKIT YouTube Channel: We added new thumbnails and text descriptions on our Squarespace video tutorials. You can see them here.
  • Facebook page events solution: We remove the green prompt message about a page access token. We now display a more informative error message when your feed did not work immediately.
  • SociableKIT web page preview: We added a new description under the title. It specifies which type of solution are you using and reminds you that the page is just a preview.


  • Facebook page events solution: Fixed an issue where recurring events are showing separately in the feed instead of merging in one event list. The “Merge recurring events” option was checked in this case. Thanks to Mark Mettes of Herberger theatre for reporting this issue.
  • YouTube channel solution: In this case, the feed was set to show only one video in only one column. The video thumbnail, duration, and title are now showing properly in the feed! Thanks to David of Arcade-Church Online for reporting this issue.
  • Facebook page events solution: Fixed an issue where the pop-up of month view is showing all events by default. It now shows only the event that was clicked. It will show all the events of a date only if the calendar date was clicked. Thanks to Guo Wei Chow of Resorts World Genting for reporting this issue.
  • YouTube channel solution: On the mobile view, the white hover is now hidden once the pop up was shown. The video on pop up is now easier to watch.
  • Facebook page events solution: The “List” and “Month” tabs on the dashboard preview now have the same width when viewed on the website. Thanks to Vibeke Nielsen of Tholstrup for reporting this issue.
  • Facebook page event solution: On the desktop view of some websites, event details were shown below the event image. Event details are now shown to the right of event image.
  • Bandsintown events solution: Unwanted characters (question marks) on the location information have been removed! The location information is now displayed correctly.
  • LinkedIn profile posts solution: The followers count, profile picture and bio description are now showing completely in the feed!
  • Facebook page videos solution: The latest videos are now shown at the top of the feed.
  • Bandsintown events solution: We fixed an issue where it automatically sets the padding to 0 and font color to #444444 every time the Save changes button was clicked. The values are now staying put.
  • Private Instagram feed solution: When the Maayos theme was selected, the font color is now set to white. The texts are more readable this way.
  • Facebook page post solution: When the Slider view was set, clicking the Next button multiple times results in the feed being stuck. It is now fixed.

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