SociableKIT release notes: March 10, 2021

SociableKIT solutions were mentioned below. View live demos here. Learn how to use different SociableKIT solutions from our tutorials here.


  • Google calendar solution: we added a new option called Enable multi-calendar”. This will allow you to select multiple Google calendars created in your SociableKIT account. Events from all those calendars will be displayed within one feed.
  • Google my Business profile solution: The “CSS” tab is now available. You may now use your own custom CSS to make more visual changes to your feed.
  • YouTube Live video solution: Under the Video tab, we’ve added a new option to show or hide the “Live Chat” button which is located below the video.
  • Facebook group posts solution: On posts with hashtags, the hashtags are now clickable.
  • LinkedIn profile posts solution: The shared posts that are in PDF format are now showing on the feed. Thanks to Wesley of Registered Media for requesting this feature!
  • New SociableKIT solution: You may now customize and embed your “Twitter Collections” on your website. Click here to view the tutorial.
  • Facebook page events solution: On the pop-up, the date and time label was changed to “Date/time:”. The description is also now below the label. Thanks to Kyle of Christ Reformed Church for requesting this feature!
  • Google calendar solution: The month view now has a class indicator that will differentiate multiple google calendars. Thanks to Melissa of Full Circle Marketing for requesting this feature!
  • Medium feed solution: On pop up, we added a “Read more” link that will open the article on Medium. Thanks to writer Pam Suchman for requesting this feature!
  • Google my business profile solution: Under the Posts tab, we added the checkbox options “Show plus code” and “Show business hours”. This will show or hide the plus code and business hours. Thanks to Gary of Calleo Technology Inc for requesting this feature!
  • Google calendar and Google reviews solutions: We created a new “Pop up” tab and added these color options: Popup background color, Popup font color, Popup link color.
  • Vimeo channel, Vimeo user, and Medium feed solutions: The Moderation tab is now available and it has two options:
    • Excluded posts: This option enables you to select the posts you want to disappear from the feed.
    • Predefined search: This option allows you to display posts with a specific keyword.
  • Private Instagram feed solution: A new option under the Pop up tab called “Show Instagram hashtags” is now available. When enabled, the hashtags will appear and will be clickable. When disabled, hashtags will not show. Thank you Harald of TAOlife Kurs for requesting this feature!
  • LinkedIn page posts and LinkedIn profile posts solution: A new feature option to edit “Read more” text on the posts under the Texts tab is now available. Thank you Michel of MEdir International B.V for requesting this feature!
  • Facebook page posts solution: An option to change the shadow color under the Colors tab is now available. Thank you Mark of We Are Danvers News for requesting this feature!
  • Instagram hashtag feed solution: An option “Show posts on new tab” was added. Once enabled, when a user clicked a post or image, it is redirected to the post on Thanks to Joanne of Tea Green events for requesting this feature!
  • Instagram story highlights solution: A new option called “Enable selected highlights” under the Basic tab is now available. On the pop-up, all highlights stories will be shown, and there is a small box check marker so you can choose and select your specific stories you want to show on your feed. Thank you Lars of Normisjon Norway for requesting this feature!
  • Vimeo channel and Vimeo user solution: An new option called “Show user video count” is now available. You may now show or hide your channel videos count in the feed.


  • YouTube playlist (Single playlist) solution: The “Default video count” option under the Video tab is now a dropdown with options 1-16.
  • Medium feed solution: When creating a solution, if the customer did not put the required “@” sign on his medium ID, the system will do it automatically. Also, the Medium ID is now auto retrieved when a valid URL was pasted on the box.
  • Facebook page posts solution: On the Grid layout, when hovered over for long posts, a scrollbar will show. On pop up, Likes, Facebook, and Share icons are now fixed at the bottom.
  • Vimeo user solution: Unwanted white space on the right side of the feed was removed.
  • LinkedIn profile posts solution: The profile details are now showing even if there are no posts yet on the LinkedIn profile.
  • Vimeo user solution: The Follow button on pop up now has a consistent size on all views.
  • YouTube channel solution: On tablet view, the videos count, subscriber, and views count are now placed under the profile name.
  • Google my Business profile solution: The horizontal scroll bar below the feed has been removed.
  • Google Play reviews solution: In Weebly, the view on the Google play button is now more steady in its place when embedded.
  • YouTube live video solution: Uploading a new placeholder image is now working consistently on Chrome 87, Safari on macOS, and iPhone. Thanks to Joshua of Living Hope Church for requesting this improvement.
  • Linkedin profile posts solution: The “Character limit” feature is now working on the Carousel layout.
  • Facebook page shop solution: Count and column features are now working in tablet and mobile view. Arrows are disabled when there are no posts to show.
  • Instagram story highlights and Twitter collections solution: You may now see the last sync information below the settings in the Customize page.
  • YouTube channel solution: On the Carousel layout, the auto-play option is now disabled by default.
  • Facebook page shop solution: Default font size and Font family features are now working on the pop-up.
  • YouTube playlists solution: We’ve made the following improvements.
    • The queue icon is now like what’s on YouTube.
    • When hovered, the “PLAY ALL” is now showing a play icon.
    • The video description now looks like the


  • Instagram stories solution: The stories’ post time overlapping with the image is now fixed.
  • LinkedIn page posts solution: The options “Show likes count” and “Show comments count” under the Item tab are now working. Thanks to Timo of Nemis Technologies for reporting this issue!
  • YouTube channel solution: The alignment of the channel name, subscribe button, and search box are now fixed.
  • Twitter hashtag feed solution: Fixed an issue on Mobile view when the feed showing 4 columns but the column count is set to 1 only.
  • Facebook page posts solution: Shared post and link that has image or video are that not showing in the feed is now showing. Thank you Jakub of Kohlifestyle for reporting this issue!
  • YouTube live video solution: The Maayos theme is now working and applied properly. “We are not live right now” text now has the same font size as on customize page.
  • Instagram feed solution: All Profile tab features are now working. Thanks to Raajiv for reporting this issue!
  • LinkedIn page posts solution: On carousel layout, we fixed an issue when you click a post, opens a pop-up, and close it again, the feed goes blank.
  • YouTube live video solution: On the tablet and mobile, the overlapping subscribe button and channel name are now fixed.
  • Google calendar solution: Fixed an issue where the feature “Arrow opacity” is not taking effect after a page refresh. We also fixed and removed the unwanted horizontal scrollbar on mobile view.
  • Youtube playlists solution: We fixed an issue that appears on some websites when clicking the load more button, the playlists are duplicated. The load more text that is being removed is now fixed as well.
  • Facebook page posts solution: Fixed an issue when double-clicking the load more button, it messes up the post content with links.
  • Google calendar solution: The unwanted double quotes on pop up when links are added in the event description are now removed. Thanks to Melissa of Full Circle Marketing for reporting this issue!
  • Twitter collections solution: Fixed an issue where the Post date is already disabled but it is still showing on the feed. Thanks to Doris of Rob Kaz Hanging for reporting this issue!
  • Instagram story highlights solution: The double “@” sign showing on the username is now removed.
  • YouTube playlist solution: We made some performance improvements so the feed will load faster on the website. Thanks to Andrew of CPG Church for reporting this issue!
  • YouTube playlist (Single playlist) solution: We fixed an issue where the user was unable to click the “Show more” button on the pop-up.
  • LinkedIn page posts solution: Fixed an issue when changing the layout from Carousel to Grid, layout changes on the first load, but when reloading the page, the layout goes back to Carousel layout.
  • Google my Business photos solution: The next and previous buttons are now placed correctly in the middle when embedded on the Elementor site.
  • Twitter feed solution: Fixed an issue where the Retweet count, heart count, and date are cut on the Carousel layout.
  • LinkedIn page posts solution: Links that are being broken when setting a character limit is now fixed.

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Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you. We greatly value your business. Thank you for using SociableKIT!