SociableKIT release notes: March 23, 2020

SociableKIT solutions were mentioned below. View live demos here. Learn how to use different SociableKIT solutions from our tutorials here.


  • Medium posts solution: JavaScript embed code is now available for this solution.
  • SociableKIT dashboard: You may now see the “Feedback” menu on the upper right corner. Once clicked it will show a mini pop-up where you can click an emoticon and type your comment. We develop our product based on the feedback we receive from you.
  • Instagram hashtag feed video tutorial for Weebly users are now available on our YouTube Channel. Please watch and share our Weebly video tutorials.
  • Facebook page posts solution: When creating a new solution, you don’t need to manually enter your Facebook page ID. You just need to connect your Facebook account. This way, you will be able to select your Facebook page on the pop-up.
  • Customize page: We moved custom CSS from the “Themes” tab to its own tab named CSS.
  • New video tutorials for Squarespace users are now available on our YouTube Channel. Please watch and share our Squarespace video tutorials.
  • Twitter feed solution: You may now limit the number of characters shown in each Twitter post. To use this feature, go to “Posts” tab and change the value on the “Character limit” field. If you enter 0, it won’t limit any characters. Thanks to customer Planact Org for requesting this feature!
  • Facebook page events solution: The event image is now clickable and it works the same way as the “read more” button. By default, once clicked, it will show the event details on pop up. Thanks to customer Brian of Eastman Equity for requesting this feature.
  • Instagram hashtag feed solution: You may now show or hide the post description on the pop-up. This option is found under the “Pop-up” tab > “Show description” checkbox. Thanks to Enrique of The Keen Folks for requesting this feature!
  • Yelp reviews solution: Tutorial is now available on the blog. Click here to view.


  • Google reviews solution: Long name or characters on Google business name is now supported by our system. For example: RED Printing Singapore (Highly Custom Sticker Printing, Name Card Printing, Banner Printing, Wedding Card Printing Singapore)
  • Facebook page reviews solution: We removed any texts or button under the profile picture to improve the user interface.
  • YouTube channel and YouTube playlist solution: On the pop-up, the comment section is now hidden if the video has no comments.
  • Facebook page posts solution: Long portrait video are now shown in full. Close button of pop-up is now outside the white space. This gives content more space.
  • SociableKIT dashboard:
    • If you click Help desk menu, it will show the help desk search pop up.
    • If you click Contact Support menu, it will open the chat box.
  • Facebook page photo albums solution:
    • Newly created solution, number of albums shown will be 12 as default.
    • Default dark overlay is now removed. Photos looks clearer now.
    • All album title is now under the photo. We want to highlight the album cover and make the album title more readable.
    • Albums with 0 photos will not be displayed.
  • YouTube channel solution: If there is nothing else to show the description, the “show more” button will not be visible.
  • Instagram hashtag feed solution: On Moderation pop-ups, the unwanted border is now removed. On click of an image, it now check or un-check the checkbox under it.
  • Google reviews solution: It will now show the pop up only if the review text was clicked.
  • Facebook page events solution: On the pop up of recurring events, it will now show the first three events. If it has more dates, you will see a “Show more” button. Once clicked, it will then show up all the other dates and times. Thanks to Brian of Eastman Equity for requesting this improvement!
  • YouTube playlist solution: We now display the YouTube playlist name instead of the solution name on the feed.
  • LinkedIn profile posts solution:
    • Profile photos are now circled.
    • On each post, the page name are now added above the time ago. It is clickable and linked to the page name on LinkedIn.
    • On each specific post, LinkedIn icon are now clickable.
    • You may now see the original thumbnail of all video post. Once clicked, it will play the mp4 video on a popup.
  • Facebook page events solution: On event details card, Icons are now aligned with text. There are no more text under an icon.
  • YouTube channel solution: Feeds and images are now loaded faster on Firefox browser.
  • Private Instagram feed solution: Comments and likes are now visible on pop up.


  • Google reviews solution: We fixed an issue where some reviews are not showing.
  • Facebook page videos solution: We fixed an issue on Slider layout when you set 2 columns, it showed 1. The next and previous button now has a consistent location.
  • Twitter hashtag feed solution: Tweets with the wrong dates are now fixed. It is now showing the latest-to-oldest posts by default.
  • Instagram feed solution: Unwanted white space when carousel and has a video item on pop up has been fixed.
  • Facebook page posts solution:
    • On pop-up, spacing is now consistent on all four sides.
    • On pop-up, the profile picture now has 50 pixels width and height.
    • On pop-up > Tablet view. The description and unwanted space below the video has been removed.
    • On mobile view > pop up. A lot of unwanted white space is now removed. The post details are now back.
    • On mobile view, the photo that looks stretched is now fixed.
    • On profile description, each links are now clickable.
    • White space are now gone in case of there are only three photos on the posts.
    • Duplicate texts located at the bottom of the photos are now removed.
    • We improved the look of Next and Prev buttons on pop-up.
  • YouTube channel and Playlist solutions: Some channel profile picture on pop-up were broken, they are now fixed.
  • Twitter hashtag feed solution: Moderation features like “Filter by keyword” or “Excluded posts” are now automatically applied after clicking the “Save changes” button. Thanks to Evan of Small Dog Media for reporting this issue.
  • Twitter feed solution:
    • Column count option is now working.
    • The load more button, when clicked, now loads the next content faster.
    • Twitter feed links are now more visible.
  • Private Instagram feed and Instagram feed solution: The green box with a message (to connect your Instagram account) on the customized page is now removed. You may now connect your Instagram account in Account > Connect page.
  • Twitter feed solution: The hover color of the button is now working. Thanks Tom of Heritage Fund for reporting this issue.
  • YouTube playlist solution: On mobile view of some websites, pop up that is showing at the bottom is now fixed.
  • Facebook page videos solution: The videos feed is now updated with the latest videos. There was a temporary issue with Facebook and we adjusted our system to fix it.

If you need help or if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, email me at [email protected] or chat with me here.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you. We greatly value your business. Thank you for using SociableKIT!