SociableKIT release notes: May 31, 2020

SociableKIT solutions were mentioned below. View live demos here. Learn how to use different SociableKIT solutions from our tutorials here.


  • Facebook page posts and Facebook page videos solution: A new option called “Show search box” is found under the “Posts” tab. If checked, it will show a search box on the upper right corner of the feed.
  • YouTube playlists solution: You may now change the order of your videos. This new “Sort videos by” option are found under the “Videos” tab.
  • Facebook page posts solution: If it is a video post, the description is now found under the title. The title is now bold.
  • SociableKIT customization page: Sync schedule and notes are now available under the left-side customization menu.
  • Facebook page posts solution: You may now show or hide the post date. Check the “Show post date” feature under the “Posts” tab.
  • Facebook page videos solution: Under the “Moderation” tab, we added a “Pre-defined search keyword” feature. This will enable you to show by default the videos based on a specific keyword. The system will search the title and description of your videos.
  • Facebook page posts solution: You may now select your own timezone so that the date and time of the posts are more accurate. The “Timezone” feature can be found under the “Post item” tab.
  • Facebook page videos solution: We added a new option called “Show post description” under the “Posts” tab. If checked, the video description will be seen under the title. Thanks to Paul for requesting this feature!
  • Facebook page posts solution: Date format option is now available. See it under the “Post item” tab. The selected date format will apply to the post date. Thanks to Markus of Frieauff company for requesting this feature!
  • YouTube Live video solution: YouTube tutorial is now available for Weebly users. Click here to watch.
  • YouTube tutorial is now available for Squarespace users. Click here to watch.
  • Blog tutorials for Weebly users are now available for the solutions below. Click any link to view:
  • New help desk article: Do you want to transfer the ownership of your SociableKIT account? Click here to learn how.


  • Facebook page posts solution: Loading animation is now removed right after the video is completely loaded.
  • Facebook page reviews solution: When pre-defined search keyword was changed and on click of the “Save changes” button, the reviews feed now automatically updates. The changes in the pre-defined search keyword now reflected immediately.
  • LinkedIn Profile posts solution: Arrows now look good and it placed outside the post container to avoid blocking the content of the feed.
  • LinkedIn page posts solution: Images on Slider layout is now supported.
  • Facebook page live video solution: The live feed is now working on Android devices such as Samsung S20+ using Samsung browsers.
  • Facebook page posts solution: To search posts, you may now type a keyword and just press the enter key.
  • LinkedIn page posts solution: The Maayos theme text color is now readable.
  • Google calendar solution: The text in date picker box is now centered on all layouts.
  • LinkedIn profile posts solution: If the profile picture is not existing, the white space is now removed.
  • Twitter hashtag feed solution: On the slider layout, the arrows are now outside of the post container to avoid blocking the text. It is now horizontally aligned as well.
  • Facebook page reviews solution: We are now able to show more recent reviews on the feed.
  • Facebook page posts solution: Video is now auto-playing on the pop-up and it fit the whole pop up portion. No extra white spaces. Thanks to Paul for reporting this issue.


  • YouTube channel solution: Uncaught type error on Joomla CMS is now fixed.
  • Vimeo channel solution: On the Video item tab, the “Show duration” and “Show date uploaded” features are now working.
  • Facebook page posts solution: Empty posts showing on the feed are now removed.
  • Facebook page posts solution: Fixed an issue when clicking on a video, there is no sound or video controls and the bottom part of the video picture is cut off.
  • Vimeo user and Vimeo channel solution: Duplicate videos are now removed. Empty pop-ups are now fixed as well.
  • Yelp reviews solution: Broken profile picture on the feed is now fixed.
  • Facebook Page Photo Album (One Album) solution: The missing album picture is now showing.
  • Facebook page reviews solution: Multiple predefined search keyword is now working. Thanks to Mark of My Dog Tag for reporting this issue!
  • Google reviews solution: Newest review is now showing at the top of the feed. Thanks to Mats for reporting this issue!
  • Facebook page events solution: Fixed an issue when merge recurring events was enabled, it repeatedly displays the first start date.
  • Private Instagram feed solution: Videos that are not showing on the pop-up and the play button are now working.
  • Facebook page posts solution: Some post texts that are not readable when changing themes are now fixed.

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