SociableKIT release notes: November 5, 2019

SociableKIT solutions were mentioned below. View live demos here. Learn how to use different SociableKIT solutions from our tutorials here.


  • Facebook page events solution: We now support a Tour-type of event. A Tour is a series of events by a host that can happen in different cities, countries or locations. Thanks to Contato of Elemess company for requesting this feature.
  • Twitter feed, Instagram feed, & Facebook page posts solutions: We added a “Make links clickable” option under the Posts tab. It is checked by default. When un-checked, links in your post will not be clickable.
  • Twitter feed solution: Twitter posts can now be excluded from the feed. Thanks to Joe of Smartek Systems CA for requesting this feature
    • This option is found under the Moderation tab.
    • Click the “Excluded Posts” text area. It will show a pop-up.
    • On the pop-up, pick the Twitter posts you want to exclude.
    • Close the pop-up and click “Save changes” button.
  • SociableKIT dashboard: If you want to delete your account and solutions, there is now a Delete Account option on the sidebar menu. Thanks to Bustielatish requestion this feature.


  • SociableKIT dashboard: You may now view your invoices even on tablet or mobile. Keep up with your business with us, even when you are on the go!
  • Twitter Hashtag feed solution: You may now filter by keywords. Show only the posts with specific keywords. You can find this option under the Moderation tab.
  • SociableKIT dashboard: If you previously canceled your account, you may now re-activate it on the Subscription section. Thanks to Robin of Wyandotte Winery for requesting this improvement.
  • SociableKIT dashboard: On the mobile view of login page, the right drop-down menu are now in full width. It is now easier to tap.
  • Youtube channel solution: On a mobile view, the channel name, subscribe button and counts are now in full width. It is now more readable.
  • Instagram hashtag feed solution: The column count setting is now followed on the tablet view. Thanks to Veronica Ortiz for requesting this improvement.
  • Twitter Hashtag feed solution: Links are now expanded to a card with the site title, thumbnail, and description. Links are now much more informative!


  • Twitter Hashtag feed solution: The “Load more” button fails to load more posts. It is now fixed. Thanks to Darren of Pequannock Township Public Schools for reporting this issue.
  • Youtube Playlists solution: When changing the Playlist ID, it shows you some random videos. It is now fixed. It displays the videos from the correct playlist even when you change your playlist ID.
  • Facebook page events solution: Date picker arrows were misaligned on some websites. It is not fixed. Thanks to Nadia Haynes of RCP Companies for reporting this issue!
  • Facebook page events solution: Fixed an issue where an event shows double on the list view. Thanks to Chris of Taps Games for reporting this issue.
  • Facebook page events: Suzie was receiving warning emails from Google search console because of missing data for structured events data. It is now fixed. Thanks to Suzie of Prickley Moses AU for reporting this issue.

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Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you. We greatly value your business. Thank you for using SociableKIT!