SociableKIT release notes: October 24, 2017

Hello Guys,

DSM Version 3.0 updates:

  • Enhancement: Support recurring Facebook page events for calendar view.
  • Enhancement: Support recurring Facebook page events for Google calendar.
  • Enhancement: End time display for single Facebook page event, pop up included.
  • New Feature: Structured data mark up for single Facebook page event.
  • New Feature: Structured data mark up for Facebook page events list.
  • Fixed: Count of events in calendar view and events in pop up is not the same.
  • Fixed: Incorrect October calendar view when calendar day was set to start on Monday.
  • Fixed: Pop up image not 100% width on single Facebook page event.
  • Fixed: Custom CSS for Facebook page albums not working.

Let me know if you have any questions about these updates.

Thank you for supporting the DSM Website Plugins!