SociableKIT release notes: September 09, 2017

Hello Guys,

DSM Version 2.8 Updates:

  • New: Search box with an icon to search for events by keywords.
  • New: As the user types, it can search by event title, location, host and any text in the event list.
  • New: Option to ‘Show search box’. See ‘Events’ tab in edit mode.
  • New: Option to make search box always 100% in width. See ‘Events’ tab in edit mode.
  • New: Option to change ‘Search events here…’ text. See ‘Texts’ tab in edit mode.
  • New: Option to open calendar view in a new tab. See ‘Open calendar in new tab’. See ‘Events’ tab in edit mode.
  • New: Remove duplicate events. Useful for events feed on multiple Facebook pages.
  • New: Portuguese translation for day and month names, see ‘Calendar’ tab in edit mode.
  • Tweak: Export calendar button will show a pop up with full instructions for Google calendar users.
  • Tweak Instructions for downloading ICS file and import to Google calendar.
  • Tweak Instructions for subscribing to your calendar via Google calendar.
  • Tweak: Users will receive new events automatically if they choose to subscribe to your calendar.
  • Tweak: ‘Read More’ and ‘Get Tickets’ buttons are now full width in mobile for easy taps.
  • Fix: Events feed is now full-width for iFrame users.
  • Fix: Make all links clickable on Facebook page event pop up.
  • Fix Incorrect margin when date badge is in the ‘right’ location of the event image.
  • Tweak: Removed ‘End of posts’ button on YouTube channel videos.
  • Tweak Updated affiliates page content due to recent price changes.
  • Fix: Font size of YouTube Playlist video title can be changed via ‘Fonts’ tab in edit mode.
  • Fix: Added type=button so that buttons will work for websites made in
  • Fix: Make links clickable on the Youtube channel and playlist videos description.
  • Fix: Make links clickable on Youtube channel bio.
  • Fix: Facebook page feed custom CSS is now working.

Video tutorials for:

Let me know if you have any questions about these updates.

Thank you for supporting the DSM Website Plugins!

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