SociableKIT release notes: September 27, 2020

SociableKIT solutions were mentioned below. View live demos here. Learn how to use different SociableKIT solutions from our tutorials here.


  • Facebook Page Posts solution: For event-type of posts, the event titles are now bold. When the image was clicked, it will open the event information in a new tab.
  • YouTube Channel solution: Added new bullet point on system message if the feed is unable to load: Make sure your channel has at least one video.
  • Facebook page events solution: You can now show or hide the “Hosted by” information in the popup. Check the newly added option “Show hosted by” under the pop-up tab. Thanks to Mark Jones of We Are Danvers for requesting this feature.
  • Twitter hashtag feed solution: We added a new “Popup” tab and with the following options.
    • Show retweets count (checkbox)
    • Show Likes count (checkbox)
    • Show View on the Twitter link (checkbox)
    • Show post description (checkbox)
    • Background color (input box with color picker)
    • Font color (input box with color picker)
  • LinkedIn Page Posts and LinkedIn Profile Posts solution: If a LinkedIn page or profile has no posts, it will display this message: No posts yet. Check back later!
  • Facebook Page Reviews solution: If a photo on the review was clicked, it will show the details on a pop-up and will not open the image in a new tab.
  • Vimeo User solution: On the pop-up, the previous and next buttons are on the top of the video. This gives the video content more space. Also, we added the labels Prev, Next, and Close.
  • LinkedIn page posts solution: You can now open your post to another window. Just check the newly created option “Show post on new tab” under the post item tab. Thanks to Robin Van Doorn of Priva for requesting this feature.
  • Facebook page videos solution: You may now change the “Like us on Facebook” text on your feed. See the new option under the Text tab.
  • YouTube live video solution: Under the video tab, we added the following checkbox options:
    • Show profile picture name
    • Show channel name
    • Show subscribe button


  • Facebook page videos solution: On the slider layout, the Like button now has the same width as the video content. When the “Next” arrow button is clicked, the pre-loader is now visible.
  • Twitter hashtag feed solution: On the pop-up, the post description is now showing. By default, the background color is white and the font color is black.
  • Google Reviews solution: The width of “View more Google reviews” are now the same with the total width of review boxes.
  • Vimeo Channel and Vimeo User solution: On the grid and carousel layout, profile information is now aligned with the video container.
  • Google Reviews solution: On the carousel layout, the Next and Previous arrows are now outside the review box. This gives the review content a better space.
  • YouTube Live solution: The video details are now inside the box with proper padding, box-shadow, and radius.
  • Facebook Page Photo Album (One Album) solution: Links on the album description are now clickable.
  • Facebook page video (one video) solution: For visual improvement, video details are now inside a box with proper padding and border shadow.
  • YouTube playlist solution: The “View on YouTube” button now has the same width as the video content. We also added a pre-loader when the “Next” arrow was clicked.
  • Google My Business profile solution: The details are now inside a good looking box with a radius and shadow. Also, the website URL is now clickable.
  • YouTube channel and YouTube playlist solution: We made the default thumbnail quality to Medium to avoid thumbnail getting blurred in the feed.
  • LinkedIn Profile posts solution: If a post was re-shared, the photo and name of the original post owner are now showing in the feed.
  • Facebook page About solution: Each side of the content now has a shadow border. We also removed icons and unnecessary blank spaces for visual improvement.


  • Instagram hashtag feed solution: Fixed an issue where the carousel post type plays the video (on the pop-up) even if the first item is an image.
  • Facebook Page Posts solution: Fixed an issue where the post font color setting is not working after clicking the Save changes button.
  • Medium feed solution: We removed unnecessary HTML tags and codes that are showing in the caption.
  • Facebook page live video solution: Fixed an issue where the profile image quality is low and blurry. Thanks to Josh of Josh Daniel Music for reporting this issue.
  • Facebook page Offers solution: Fixed an issue on the carousel layout where the “Like us on Facebook” button is not full width in mobile.
  • LinkedIn page post solution: Fixed some issues on pop-up where the image looks flat and the caption is cut off and sometimes displayed outside the box.
  • Eventbrite events solution: Fixed an issue where the feature “Predefined search keyword” and the search tab are not working. Thanks to Jeremy H of Eden for reporting this issue.
  • LinkedIn page posts and LinkedIn profile posts solution: Fixed an issue where the feature “Character limit” is not working.
  • Facebook Page Events solution: issue: Fixed an issue where the “Use 24-hour clock” option is not working after clicking the “Save changes” button. Thanks to Søren Ishøy of Focus agency for reporting this issue.

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