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Samsung is a tech powerhouse that’s been leading the way in electronics since 1969. Based in South Korea, Samsung does it all, from smartphones to essential household gadgets, touching lives everywhere. With over 162 million followers on social media, it’s safe to say their influence is pretty far-reaching.

Samsung is powered by over 266,000 dedicated employees who push and meet modern technology needs. The company isn’t just about making cool tech; it’s also about building a community, sharing innovations, and connecting with customers.


Samsung wanted to drum up excitement for their new Samsung Gear S3 with a fun “#StyleByGear Best Outfit” contest. But they needed a slick way to show off contest entries from Facebook right on their website. Without an easy solution, they risked missing out on engaging their online community.


In SociableKIT’s Facebook Page Photo Album widget, this nifty tool let Samsung showcase contest photos directly on their website, making it super easy for fans to view, like, and participate without having to navigate away from the page.

This clever integration not only ramped up the contest participation but also spiked interest in the Gear S3. Thanks to SociableKIT, what seemed like a problem turned into a fantastic opportunity to connect and engage.


The results were off the charts. The “#StyleByGear Best Outfit” competition exploded with likes and interactions, thanks to the seamless integration from SociableKIT. This success convinced Samsung that signing up for a SociableKIT plan was a smart move, proving the huge benefits of merging social media content with their website strategy.


Samsung’s use of the SociableKIT widget proves how helpful it is to display social media content on your website. It does more than just improve your online visibility; it creates a fun and interactive experience for visitors. This successful campaign highlights the importance of SociableKIT in today’s marketing world, showing it’s essential for anyone wanting to boost their online tactics. It makes your website lively and keeps visitors coming back for more. Plus, it helps you connect better with your audience, turning casual viewers into loyal fans.

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