Samsung + SociableKIT

Samsung landing page with SociableKIT Facebook Page Photo Album Solution

Samsung Czechoslovakia used SociableKIT to help promote their newest product Samsung Gear S3. They used it for their “#StyleByGear Best Outfit” competition.

Samsung used the SociableKIT Facebook Page Photo Album Solution.

During the summer, Samsung’s photographer took pictures of the most stylish people he met while traveling the country. Those pictures were uploaded on their Facebook page.

You can see the Facebook photo album here: #StyleByGear Best Outfit Competition

Samsung asked their Facebook fans to “like” the photo of the best outfit. The photos with the most number of likes surely affected the decision of the judges.

The selection of judges were able to pick the winners of this competition. The campaign were successful.

Samsung signed up for a SociableKIT plan and officially became a SociableKIT customer on August 18, 2017.