SociableKIT Version 6.3

1. New! Moderation tab for Google reviews solution.

2. Fixed! On Facebook page reviews and Google reviews solutions, When “Default reviews count” is set to 0, it still show the list of reviews.

3. Fixed! Some links are broken for Facebook page posts solution.

4. Fixed! Some hashtag text on posts is not working for Twitter hashtag feed.

5. Fixed: Some reviews are cut on Google reviews slider layout.

6. Fixed! New lines are not working on some description of Instagram hashtag post.

7. Improved! Faster way to sync posts of Instagram hashtag feed.

8. Fixed: not showing duration when ‘load more’ was clicked – youtube playlist solution

9. New: YouTube Playlist Custom CSS.

10. New! Play video on multi post pop up of Instagram feed.

11. Enhanced: Showing contents on pop up of IG feed

12. Improved! Facebook page events – On month view, when an event item was clicked, show only (on pop up) the event details of the clicked event. When date number was clicked, show event details of all events on pop up

13. New: Show or hide retweets on Twitter hashtag feed

14. Enhanced: Added “Moderation” tab

15. Fixed! Instagram hashtag feed button width computation

16. Fixed! FB posts feed, “See more” not working with Thai characters

17. New: Change “Recurring event”text

18. New: FB Page events autoplay and delay for slider layout

19. New: “Slider” tab where you can see settings related to slider layout – Fb page events

20. New: Search a SK solution

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