SociableKIT Version May 16-31, 2019

SociableKIT solutions are mentioned below. View live demos here. Learn how to use different SociableKIT solutions from our blog here.


  • New! We have now linkified the links on the bio description on our Facebook Page Videos solution.
  • Improved! If no videos were found, show “No videos found.” message before the last “like” button. (Facebook Page Videos solution)
  • New! A new tab called “Moderation” is now available on our Twitter Hashtag Feed solution and we moved the “Excluded posts” option under it.
  • New! Checkbox option to “Show search box”. If checked, show search box, if un-checked, hide search box for our YouTube channel and YouTube playlist solutions.
  • New! Slider tab has been added to our Facebook Page Posts solution and we moved the Row count, Arrow background-colour, Arrow color, arrow opacity option under it.
  • New! Slider tab has been added to our Twitter feed solution and we moved the Row count, Arrow background-colour, Arrow color, Arrow opacity option under it.
  • New! A new solution called Facebook Group Events is now available.
  • New! Option to show or hide text is now available! See Event item tab to see this option and check/uncheck the “Show location box” if needed.


  • Fixed! Mapbox that is now working on customer’s site is now fixed. (Facebook Page Events solution)
    *Thank you Disciple Christian MC for reporting this issue!
  • Fixed! Fixed an issue when you moved the month using date picker arrows, it does not show translated month name. Also, the events did not seem to move as well has been fixed! (FB page Events)
  • Fixed! Google reviews that displaying “no google reviews found” even there are hundreds of reviews has been fixed.
  • Fixed! Pop up that is not displaying when read more is clicked has been fixed.
  • Fixed! The X to close down the pop up that is missing selecting an event is now showing.
    *Thank you, David, f Saddleworth company, for reporting this issue!
  • FIxed! Some youtube videos cannot be displayed on a customer’s feed has been fixed.


  • Improved! We make the location pin of the map box more color red so we can see the location very well. (FB Page Events solution)
  • Improved! You may now zoom in/Zoom out and full-screen the map box on our Facebook Page events solution.
  • Improved! We’ve added a White background of location text to make it more readable.

We value your feedback, so if you have something to share then email us at [email protected]. If you’re enjoying SociableKIT, please leave us a rating and review on our Facebook page.

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