Client Profile

The North Face, founded in 1966, is a leading American brand known for its outdoor gear and apparel. With over 6 million followers, the company combines practical outdoor designs with modern streetwear appeal, engaging a wide range of outdoor fans and style seekers.


The North Face faced a challenge in displaying its community’s vibrant interactions and user-generated content on its website, which was hindering audience engagement and weakening the connection with its followers.


SociableKIT provided the perfect fix with its Instagram Hashtag Feed widget. This tool integrated seamlessly into The North Face’s website, allowing them to display real-time customer photos and experiences shared under their campaign hashtags. This inclusion helped bridge the gap between social media and their main website.


With SociableKIT’s Instagram Hashtag Feed, The North Face saw a significant boost in website engagement. Visitors now spend more time on the site, enjoy a dynamic showcase of real-world product use, and are more engaged with the brand. This integration has also led to increased sales and strengthened brand loyalty.


The North Face’s experience with SociableKIT’s Instagram Hashtag Feed highlights the powerful impact of integrating social media content directly on business websites. This solution not only enhanced user engagement but also amplified their community’s voice, proving essential for brand growth and customer connection.

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