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Istanbul Airport is home to Turkish Airlines‘ headquarters, founded in 1933. They are known for flying to more countries than other airlines and have been crowned the Best Airline in Europe. They fly 453 contemporary aircraft in their fleet. Their modern, fuel-efficient aircraft maximize comfort while minimizing environmental effects, demonstrating their commitment to innovation. With each journey, Turkish Airlines welcomes its customers to new experiences, and it is proud to fly the Turkish flag worldwide.


Turkish Airlines strives to effectively engage its vast audience of over 2.4 million followers. However, they faced challenges in showcasing their dynamic content and customer interactions from social media directly on their website. This gap hindered their ability to fully leverage their online presence to enhance customer engagement and showcase their global reach and innovative spirit. They needed a seamless solution to integrate their social media highlights, particularly from Instagram, to their main website to keep content fresh and enhance the overall customer experience by making social proofs and updates more accessible.


To bridge the gap between social media and their website, Turkish Airlines implemented SociableKIT’s Instagram Hashtag Feed widget. This powerful tool enabled them to display updates and user-generated content directly on their site. As a result, visitors now experience a vibrant showcase of traveler stories, reviews, and the latest airline news just by visiting the website. This integration keeps the content fresh and engaging, boosts follower interaction, and enriches the visitor experience by providing a seamless digital journey.


After integrating the SociableKIT Instagram Hashtag Feed widget, Turkish Airlines observed a significant increase in website engagement. The fresh content from Instagram attracted more visitors, keeping them on the site longer and encouraging deeper interaction. This enhancement effectively mirrored the airline’s dynamic and innovative brand, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. The easy access to social media content also played a crucial role in boosting their followers and enhancing their reputation as a globally connected and customer-focused airline.


The implementation of SociableKIT’s Instagram Hashtag Feed widget by Turkish Airlines exemplifies a successful integration of social media content into a corporate website. The result significantly boosted visitor engagement and follower growth, affirming SociableKIT’s effectiveness in bridging the gap between social media and web presence. SociableKIT has proven invaluable in maintaining its leading edge in the competitive airline industry for Turkish Airlines.

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