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US Foods is the leading food service distributor in the US, headquartered in Rosemont, Illinois. US Food’s assistance in thriving in a competitive market has benefited countless business owners and individuals in the restaurant and food service industries. US Foods aims to provide cutting-edge business technologies and creative food solutions. With almost 28,000 employees spread over 70 locations, the company generates about $28 billion in revenue annually. US food is dedicated to providing its members a wide range of products and valuable guidance so they can operate their businesses more effectively.


US Foods faced a challenge common in the bustling food industry: engaging a wide audience on digital platforms to enhance their market presence and customer interaction. Despite having a substantial following, they needed a way to integrate social media content into their website seamlessly. This integration was crucial to showcase their vibrant community, share real-time updates, and highlight customer experiences effectively. Without this, US Foods risked missing opportunities to connect with its audience, potentially impacting its brand visibility and customer engagement.


SociableKIT provided the perfect solution for US Foods with its Instagram Hashtag Feed widget. This innovative tool enabled US Foods to dynamically display user-generated content directly on their website, showcasing their vibrant community involvement and customer testimonials. By integrating this widget, US Foods could keep its content fresh and engaging, automatically updating with new posts tagged with their specific hashtags. This boosted their social media presence and increased customer interaction and engagement directly on their platform, transforming their website into a lively hub of activity and interaction.


After implementing the SociableKIT Instagram Hashtag Feed, US Foods saw remarkable customer engagement and improvements in social media interaction. Their website became a central showcase for the latest trends, customer stories, and company news, significantly increasing website traffic and time spent. The live updates and real-time content fostered a stronger community connection, directly reflecting enhanced online visibility and customer satisfaction. This strategic integration also supported US Foods’ marketing efforts, making its website a more effective tool for attracting and retaining customers in the highly competitive food service market.


Integrating SociableKIT’s Instagram Hashtag Feed proved to be a game-changer for US Foods, effectively addressing their need to enhance digital engagement and brand visibility. This solution simplified the process of displaying real-time social media content and enriched the customer experience on their website. By transforming their online presence, US Foods strengthened connections with their community, boosting engagement and satisfaction. SociableKIT’s widget demonstrated its value as an essential tool for businesses leveraging social media content to foster a dynamic and interactive online environment.

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