What’s new? Instagram videos solution and more!

Here’s what we’ve worked on in the last few weeks.

SociableKIT solutions were mentioned below. View live demos here. Learn how to use different SociableKIT solutions from our tutorials here.

  • Google reviews, LinkedIn page jobs, and LinkedIn page posts solutions: On the feed, the post images now have “alt” tributes. The links now have “title” attributes. We made these improvements to make the feed more accessible for persons with a disability like the visually impaired. Our goal is to make our plugins disability-friendly.
  • Google business profile solution: On the feed, special hours like for example Takeout, Brunch, Lunch, and Dinner are now being displayed in the feed. We made this improvement to help you display your special hours that are available in your Google business place.
  • Thanks for your kind words, Frederic! We’re so happy that your experience using our LinkedIn page posts solution went smoothly. We will continue to do our best to provide a great product and service.
  • Instagram videos solution: The name of the new solution is ‘Instagram videos’. This new solution will allow you to embed your Instagram videos on your website. Login to SociableKIT. Click the ‘Create solution’ button. On the dropdown, you will see a new solution ‘Instagram videos’.We developed this new solution because many people are using Instagram videos and they also have a website where they can display their videos.
  • Instagram reels solution: On the dashboard, we added the ‘CSS’ tab. This feature allows you to customize your feed using custom CSS.We added this feature because there are cases where you want to customize your feed on your own CSS design.
  • Thank you so much, Jennifer! We’re happy to help you with your YouTube live stream feed. Every day, we do our best to provide a great product and service to customers like you.
  • LinkedIn page posts and LinkedIn page jobs solutions: On the feed, the count of followers and employees are now located below the company type. We made this improvement because it makes the company profile information easier to read.
  • Instagram videos solution: On the demo site, we added a demo of our new Instagram videos solution. This will allow you to view the Instagram videos feed in different layouts. We added this demo to help the users decide which Instagram videos layout is best for their website.
  • We’re happy to hear your feedback! You have been our loyal customer for over the years and we truly value your business. Thank you for supporting us.
  • SociableKIT account: On the upper right corner, we added an “Invite a teammate” option. This will let you invite your teammates for free by entering their first names and email. We added this new option so you can have your teammates help you with editing or managing your solutions. To invite your teammate, please follow this tutorial.
  • SociableKIT tutorials: In the tutorial, under the ‘Examples’ section, we added a live demo of the solution. This option will let you view the live demo of the solution in different layouts. We added this new option to help users decide which layout is best for their social feed. Here’s an example.
  • Thank you, Adam. We really appreciate seeing your positive feedback about our product and service, especially on our Eventbrite events solution.
  • Youtube channel solution: On the popup preview, the share button was improved. When the share button is clicked, sharing options for Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook are shown. We made this improvement to help users share YouTube videos easily on different social media platforms.
  • LinkedIn profile posts solution: Under the ‘Posts’ tab, we added the ‘Post border radius’ option. This option will allow you to change the border-radius of your posts.

    We added this option because we want to help users to customize the corners of their posts into rounded or squared corners.

We value your feedback. If you have something to share, please reply to this email. Or chat with me here. If you’re enjoying SociableKIT, please reply and let me know. Thank you for using SociableKIT!

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