How to find Apple app store ID?

There can be different reasons why you need to find an Apple app store ID. In some cases, you need the Apple app store ID because you want to embed Apple app store reviews on your website.

It might be helpful for your web or mobile application as well. This blog will show you how to find an Apple app store ID, step-by-step!

Here’s how to find the Apple app store ID:

1. Go to the app on the Apple app store. For example:
2. On the URL, get the app ID after the ‘’. In this case, the Apple app store ID is ‘id422689480
3. The ID above is your Apple app store ID.
4. Here’s a screenshot:

5. Copy the text and paste them to the ID field on your Apple app store reviews widget customization page.

That’s it! We hope you found this page helpful. Thank you for reading our tutorial about how to find Apple app store ID! Please share this post with someone who might need it.

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