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★★★★★ "SociableKIT has the best looking social media feeds and the most features. I tried so many other options and found SociableKIT Website Plugins the best. My web designer told me I could not do many of the things that I’m doing myself with SociableKIT!"

Khabir Southwick

Naturopath –

★★★★★ "I’m using a custom Facebook page events feed on my website. I asked Mike to translate the day and month labels to French for my calendar. Mike quickly did it for me. Thank you Mike, I appreciate it a lot! SociableKIT support is great! :)"

Kristin Berg

Co-Founder – Tango Social Club

★★★★★ "SociableKIT's event calendar definitely helps, spectacular service! It works. You’re the best, as usual. Thank you for all your work!"

Jennifer Gray

Website Developer – Vote 4 Pedro

★★★★★ "Finding SociableKIT saved a huge amount of hours in a project to integrate social/web channels. Absolutely excellent support with quick responses and updates."

John Parker

Website Developer – Aura Entertainment

★★★★★ "Many of our small business members tend to share their Facebook page events with our Facebook page. I’m pretty happy with this SociableKIT solution. We don’t have to manually hit a button every month to sync our Facebook page events and website calendar. I paid for the whole year, it makes sense. I thank you so much Mike!"

David B. Morgan

Executive Director – Delaware River Towns

★★★★★ "I LOVE what you’ve built here. I’ve successfully linked my client’s Facebook Page ID and events are coming in just fine. Thanks for what you do. You have been incredibly helpful! I’m really impressed with your customer service and I’ll be recommending SociableKIT to anyone looking for what it offers!"

Benny Bowden

Co-Founder & Designer – Moonbase Labs

★★★★★ "Thank you SO MUCH!!! SociableKIT is EXACTLY what I was looking for. It works perfect. Your plugin will be in use on the Events page."

Robert Herring

CMO – Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club

★★★★★ "Wow! I have had experience with a lot of companies who had good to great customer service but this is just insane! I absolutely love SociableKIT as I was planning on creating something similar myself. For these prices and the attention to detail and functionality I quickly decided that I won't even bother and will gladly subscribe to the SocialKIT services. Keep up the amazing work and thanks you so much!"

Marc Maessen

Founder & Owner – Online Profile Coach

★★★★★ "Thank you!!! The SociableKIT website plugin is an incredibly simple, clean and easy solution for us."

John J. Janowski, PMP

Member – La Grange Citizens Council

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