When you use SociableKIT, you can create, customize and embed different social media feeds and more on your website. For example, you created a “SociableKIT solution” for your Facebook page events. That means you created one SociableKIT solution.

If you want to create another SociableKIT solution for your website, for example, a custom Twitter feed. That is another “SociableKIT solution”. This time, you created two SociableKIT solutions already. One for your Facebook page events and one for Twitter feed.

If you need to embed your YouTube channel videos on your website, you will create another SociableKIT solution. You have 3 SociableKIT solutions this time.

So, if you chose to buy a plan that says 10 SociableKIT solutions, you are limited to create 10 SociableKIT solutions only.

If your plan says 50 SociableKIT solutions, it means you can create up to 50 SociableKIT solutions. You can use them all on a single website or 50 websites, one for each website. Or, 5 websites with 10 SociableKIT solutions for each website.

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