How to use Social Media Aggregator widget?

There can be different reasons why you need to use Social Media Aggregator widget. In some cases, you need to combine multiple social media contents into one feed and embed it on your website, you can use the Social Media Aggregator widget for that.

It might be helpful for your web or mobile application as well. This blog will show you how to use Social Media Aggregator widget, step-by-step!

Here’s a tutorial on how to use the Social Media Aggregator widget:

1. Create a SociableKIT widget here. For example, a Facebook page posts widget:

2. Create a second SociableKIT widget. For example, a Twitter feed widget:

3. Create a third SociableKIT widget. For example, an Instagram feed widget:

4. To combine the widgets above, create a Social Media Aggregator widget here. Select the SociableKIT widgets that you want to combine and then click ‘Next’.

5. The Facebook page posts, Twitter feed, and Instagram feed widget contents are now combined and displayed into one feed only using the Social Media Aggregator widget.

That’s it! We hope you found this page helpful. Thank you for reading our tutorial about how to use Social Media Aggregator widget! Please share this post with someone who might need it.

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