Client Profile

The Captain’s Walk Winery website proprietor, Ross Mcvey, represents the love of wine and the sense of community. His urban wine bar in Columbus, Ohio, provides a comfortable haven from the busy city life. His commitment to creating unique wine-tasting experiences that match well with cheeses and chocolates appeals to people who value better things in life.


He faced the difficulty of integrating his Facebook events onto his website without any problems. Ross wanted to establish a lively online presence as a small business owner in the wine and bar industries in order to interact with his clients. But without a workable solution, it became difficult for him to keep track of and display his events on his website.


SociableKIT’s Facebook Page Events widget seamlessly resolved Ross Mcvey’s problems with integration. Ross quickly increased the efficiency and appeal of his winery’s website by embedding his Facebook events there with a few clicks. Ross managed his Facebook event feed with ease thanks to its user-friendly layout, which helped him save a significant amount of time.


The Facebook Page Events widget from SociableKIT allowed Ross Mcvey to improve his winery’s online visibility drastically. The Facebook page events widget improved the look and feel of his website by easily integrating his Facebook events. As a result, his audience became more involved and interactive with him, which raised attendance at wine tastings and other events.

Client Review

“The support team is very responsive. The widget presents the feed from Facebook effectively on our website and looks very professional. They are an affordable provider with a terrific widget for our site.” – Ross Mcvey


For Ross, SociableKIT was the ideal answer for what he needed. The winery’s online profile was much enhanced by the widget’s professional look, ease of use, and greater functionality, increasing interaction and event participation. Ross was pleasantly surprised by SociableKIT’s dependability and efficiency in helping him streamline online client interactions.

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