Client Profile

Let me introduce you to Michael To, a certified chiropractor who knows the difficulties of launching a tiny medical company. Michael, a holistic health lover, established his Lakewood, California-based practice in 2017.

Committed to assisting individuals in reaching their utmost well-being, he has a background in physical therapy and personal training. Like many small business owners, he understands the value of providing exceptional customer service and earning the trust of prospective customers.

Michael is approachable and inspirational since his experience speaks to people trying to make a name for themselves in cutthroat fields.


Starting his chiropractic practice in Lakewood, CA, he needed a way to establish trust and credibility with potential clients. Timely customer service was crucial, but he also needed a platform to showcase the positive experiences of his existing clients.

Like many entrepreneurs, Michael grappled with creating an engaging online presence while maintaining exceptional service. SociableKIT’s Google Reviews widget became his solution, addressing these relatable concerns by providing a user-friendly tool to display authentic client feedback and enhance his website’s appeal.


Michael To found an incredible answer to his problems with SociableKIT’s Google Reviews widget. His website became a powerful tool for establishing trust because of this widget. It immediately connected with prospective customers by displaying real client testimonials, demonstrating his dedication to providing excellent care.

Not only did this widget fix his issue, but it also improved his internet visibility and made his website more exciting and convincing. Michael’s experience demonstrates how the SociableKIT widget is revolutionary and captivates consumers with its ease of use and potency.


Michael To saw favorable results because of SociableKIT’s Google Reviews widget. First, his credibility improved, and his clients’ trust increased when they saw sincere feedback on his website.

Second, he provided exceptional customer service by maintaining quick reaction times because of the widget’s ease of use. Third, the compelling feedback display attracted future clients, strengthening his online visibility.

Finally, the widget’s visual attractiveness and interactive elements turned his website into a hive of activity.

Client Review

“What I like the most is their customer service. Everything about this is just great. I’m starting my own business and I was shocked, in a good way, at their response time when I had a question and overall the widgets themselves are great for my website.” – Michael To


Michael To’s experience as a chiropractor and small company owner in Lakewood, California, provides a striking example of how SociableKIT’s Google Reviews widget works. In addition to assisting him in overcoming the typical difficulties associated with establishing credibility and upholding customer service, this effective instrument completely changed his internet appearance.

Michael’s story demonstrates how the effect and simplicity of the widget are a winning mix, regardless of whether you’re looking to grow your current business or launch a new one. People like Michael may display genuine customer reviews, increase engagement, and eventually succeed in their fields because of SociableKIT.

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