Client Profile

Big Dan of the Still Partners Restaurant is a dynamic figure in the food and entertainment industry. Located in Glen Cove, NY, this establishment has served delectable food, drinks, and live music since its founding in 2013. He faced the common challenge of efficiently managing and promoting events on social media.


Dan struggled with an issue common to many culinary and entertainment companies: effectively scheduling and publicizing events on social media. It was time-consuming and prone to error to manually create and duplicate event listings on Facebook and their website. This lengthy process decreased output and increased the risk of inaccurate event data. Big Dan desired to focus on providing his clients with outstanding experiences.


Dan’s event management and social media integration were transformed entirely by the game-changing solution that SociableKIT Widgets provided. Big Dan quickly included his Facebook event listings on his website using the Facebook page events widget. This saved him a great deal of time and decreased the possibility of error by doing away with the requirement for manual duplication and instantaneously synchronizing event information.

Furthermore, the Instagram profile widget improved Big Dan’s online visibility, making it simple to display his Instagram material on his website. Big Dan was astounded by the efficiency and efficacy of SociableKIT’s solution, which boosted his online reach and streamlined his workflow.


For Big Dan, the results of using SociableKIT were astounding. They significantly increased their web presence in addition to streamlining event management. They could easily synchronize event information from Facebook to their website and save significant time by using the Facebook page events widget.

SociableKIT’s widgets added value and assisted Still Partners Restaurant in expanding its online presence and keeping up a lively and exciting online profile. Big Dan saw a significant shift in performance and increased online visibility due to SociableKIT.

Client Review

“I struggled making multiple events for Facebook and then duplicating on my own site for years and finally found this solution. It is an incredible time saver. It has grown to much more than just that solution! Not to mention the support for this app is outstanding.” – Big Dan of the Still Partners Restaurant


Big Dan has found SociableKIT to be an invaluable resource. The widgets streamlined procedures and saved crucial time by effectively addressing their social media integration and event management concerns. SociableKIT significantly improved its online presence by displaying Instagram content on its website and syncing Facebook events. The widgets enabled corporate growth and engagement in addition to fixing problems.

Big Dan’s success story demonstrates how SociableKIT can effectively satisfy the various needs of organizations, ultimately assisting them in prospering in the digital environment. SociableKIT is the ideal choice for efficient and seamless social network integration.

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