Client Profile

Akdas Ali, a distinguished company in Canada, is led by the innovative Ropstam team. They specialize in creating advanced websites, mobile applications, user-friendly interfaces, and cutting-edge blockchain projects.

Known for their skill in managing complex IT challenges, they have carved out a notable reputation in the tech industry. Their ability to deliver exceptional and reliable IT solutions has set them apart as leaders in their field.


Akdas Ali faced a challenge in enhancing their digital footprint, particularly in integrating engaging social media elements such as job postings and client testimonials. This issue was crucial in effectively presenting their wide range of IT services to a broader audience.

The difficulty in showcasing their diverse capabilities online hindered their potential to attract new clients and skilled professionals. This situation mirrors a widespread obstacle encountered by many businesses in the increasingly digital-centric commercial landscape.


To overcome this hurdle, Akdas Ali revamped their website using SociableKIT’s Indeed Jobs widget. This integration transformed their site into a dynamic hub, regularly updated with the latest job openings.

This strategic move not only made their website more engaging and relevant for visitors but also played a great role in attracting top talent to their company. The updated website now serves as an effective tool in showcasing their services and opportunities, aligning with the evolving needs of the digital age.


By using SociableKIT’s Indeed Jobs widget, Akdas Ali’s website became a lively and current place that drew in more skilled job seekers and clients. This user-friendly update made more people visit and stay on their site, leading to more project interest and better standing in the IT market.

Client Review

“I highly recommend SociableKIT to anyone in need of social media integration solutions. It’s a game-changer, and I’m incredibly grateful for their service.” – Akdas Ali


Akdas’ experience shows how SociableKIT can transform a company’s online image. By adding the Indeed Jobs widget, they not only solved their problem of displaying engaging, up-to-date content but also became more noticeable and attractive in the IT field.

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