Client Profile

Katie Rodgers from Dan Besse’s campaign for Forsyth County Commissioner uses SociableKIT to boost their online activity. This North Carolina campaign, led by Dan Besse, focuses on community values. Dan, a former lawyer and Winston-Salem council member has a long history in public service. His story attracts those in politics, community work, and leadership who want to use digital tools to make a difference.


The Dan Besse team, running for Forsyth County Commissioner, had a hard time sharing event details and connecting with different voters online. Old ways weren’t showing how lively their campaign events were, causing less communication and public interest. Many political groups and local organizations face this problem. They need to quickly share new information and events while reaching and engaging as many people as possible.


The Dan Besse campaign improved its online interaction by using SociableKIT’s Facebook Page Events widget on its website. This tool automatically updates the site with the latest Facebook event details. It kept supporters informed and made the website more interactive. This change greatly boosted their online visibility and community connection, showing how useful SociableKIT widgets are in modern politics.


The Dan Besse campaign saw great results from using SociableKIT’s Facebook Page Events widget. More people visited their website, stayed updated, and got involved. The widget’s live updates and easy use improved the user experience, leading to more interaction.

There was a clear rise in event attendance and supporter participation. This showed how effective SociableKIT is in boosting political campaigns, proving it’s key for better digital communication and community involvement.

Client Review

Super easy to set up and integrated seamlessly with my website. – Katie Rodgers


The Dan Besse campaign for Forsyth County Commissioner showed how SociableKIT can change digital engagement in politics. Using the Facebook Page Events widget, they improved event communication and increased online activity and attendance. Katie Rodgers praised its easy setup and smooth integration with their website, showing it’s user-friendly and efficient.

This example proves SociableKIT is a valuable tool for campaigns and groups wanting to boost their digital presence and community connection.

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