Client Profile

Introducing Mauricio Valencia, the passionate owner and founder of Truly Painting, a specialized painting business located in Chewelah, Washington. Mauricio founded the company to offer outstanding exterior painting services and custom construction. Mauricio’s company stands out in the competitive construction industry because of his unwavering dedication to excellence.


He had to efficiently present his company’s exterior painting services in a competitive marketplace. Mauricio needed help fluidly organizing his portfolio on social media networks to make a lasting impression and draw in business. Traditional methods are time-consuming. Mauricio also required a cost-effective solution because he owned a small business.


Mauricio’s marketing approach was transformed by SociableKIT’s Flickr Album widget, which allowed him to swiftly integrate his portfolio into his website and social media accounts. Mauricio could captivate potential clients with his eye-catching exterior painting jobs with a few clicks, drawing them in with their visual appeal. Furthermore, the widget’s cost matched Mauricio’s limited resources, demonstrating that great marketing strategies can be inexpensive.


SociableKIT’s Flickr Album widget allowed Mauricio Valencia to see a significant improvement in his company. His social media activity increased dramatically, and he received more leads and questions for his outside painting services. Indeed, Painting became an expert in luxury exterior painting when Mauricio made his brand more credible and visible by exhibiting his portfolio on various channels.

Client Review

“Awesome company with a great product. They have a generous free tier and help small businesses to integrate powerful tools for social media and marketing, even on the free plan. Thank you!” – Mauricio Valencia


For Mauricio and Truly Painting, SociableKIT was the perfect answer, providing them with a streamlined and powerful marketing plan. Utilizing SociableKIT’s Flickr Album widget, Mauricio improved his online visibility, generated more leads, and strengthened his business’s standing as a top outside painter. The widget was ideal for Mauricio’s small business needs due to its outstanding features, cost, and ease of use.

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