Client Profile

Olga Pasechnikova, the founder of KOLOVRAT Australia, embodies the spirit of a creative entrepreneur with a passion for her craft. With over 30 years of experience as a professional artist, Olga’s journey began in Ukraine, where she honed her skills at the Art College and the Imperial Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg. Now based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Olga brings her artistic prowess to the world of fashion, specializing in crafting exquisite scarves.


She had to build credibility and trust with potential clients while exhibiting her exquisite scarf collection—a frequent difficulty. She struggled, as many business owners do, with the issue of effectively incorporating honest customer feedback onto her website. Finding a workable solution that would let her prominently feature customer feedback on her website without sacrificing the look and feel of the site was difficult.


Olga found the ideal answer to her problem in the Google Reviews widget provided by SociableKIT. Because of its easy-to-use design, Olga could display her scarf line with genuine client reviews. Her website quickly incorporated this widget, guaranteeing visitors were met with convincing social proof. Olga was astounded by the SociableKIT widget’s simplicity and efficacy, which solved her problem and improved her online image by fostering a sense of legitimacy and trust among her website’s users.


She got terrific results because of SociableKIT’s Google Reviews widget. By effectively showcasing her scarf selection alongside real client testimonials, she increased the legitimacy of her website. Olga was able to turn potential clients into confident buyers and grab their attention. Her business took off, and she saw a notable improvement in her online reputation.

Thanks to SociableKIT, Olga was able to:

Client Review

“Joviegel have tremendous job done to me/my website helping and most patiently guiding me through their and mine websites until I got my reviews beautifully appearing in the place I wanted them to be. Thank so much for the most pleasant experience ever!!!” – Olga Pasechnikova, Kolovrat Australia


The Google Reviews widget from SociableKIT was the perfect answer for Olga Pasechnikova and her company, KOLOVRAT Australia. Through the smooth integration of customer reviews into her website, Olga could improve her online reputation, establish credibility with potential customers, and ultimately increase the success of her business. Olga’s experience demonstrates how SociableKIT may effectively meet the specific demands of companies looking to improve their web presence and display social evidence.

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