Client Profile

Our spotlight shines on Moran Bercovici, who has effectively utilized SociableKIT’s LinkedIn Page Posts Feed widget. This innovative tool has been instrumental in integrating LinkedIn content seamlessly into their website.


Moran faced a common challenge: how to dynamically display relevant news and updates on their website. They needed a solution that not only showcased the latest content but also allowed for selective filtering based on specific keywords. The goal was to create a ‘news’ section that remained fresh, relevant, and aligned with their audience’s interests.


Enter SociableKIT’s LinkedIn Page Posts Feed widget. This widget was the perfect answer to Moran’s needs, offering smooth integration capabilities with their website. It stood out for its flexibility in appearance customization and its advanced feature that enables users to filter and display only certain posts based on specific search keywords. This meant Moran could tailor the content precisely to the desired audience.


The results were nothing short of impressive. Moran experienced a significant enhancement in their website’s functionality and user engagement. The ‘news’ section became a dynamic hub of relevant information, directly sourced from LinkedIn and curated to match the audience’s interests. This not only improved the user experience but also kept the website content fresh and up-to-date.

Client Review

“I use it for featuring LinkedIn posts on my website as a ‘news’ section. Very smooth integration, lots of knobs for controlling appearance, and an important ability to select only a subset of posts based on a search keyword.” – Moran Bercovici


Moran Bercovici’s success story with SociableKIT is a testament to the widget’s ability to transform and elevate a website’s content strategy. By leveraging the LinkedIn Page Posts Feed widget, Moran was able to create a more engaging, relevant, and dynamic ‘news’ section tailored to the interests of their audience.

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