Client Profile

Gavin Gordon, an e-commerce entrepreneur, has transformed his Shopify store’s aesthetic and functionality by integrating SociableKIT’s Pinterest board widget. This smart move has significantly enhanced the store’s visual appeal and user experience.


Gavin faced challenges in aligning his Shopify store’s design with its core values and themes. Being not very tech-savvy, he struggled to utilize digital tools effectively. This hurdle was critical as the store’s look and feel are essential in attracting and retaining customers in the competitive e-commerce industry.


The adoption of SociableKIT’s Pinterest board widget became a game-changer for Gavin’s store. This tool seamlessly integrated a dynamic Pinterest carousel into his Shopify site, allowing for a more engaging and visually coherent presentation of the store’s products and values.


The implementation of the widget has been transformative. Gavin’s store now boasts an improved aesthetic that resonates with its values, creating a more immersive shopping experience for visitors. This enhancement has contributed positively to the store’s overall appeal and customer engagement.

Client Review

Gavin’s experience with SociableKIT has been nothing short of remarkable. Despite his initial technical challenges, he found the platform exceptionally user-friendly. The customer service he received was prompt, patient, and highly supportive, making his journey with SociableKIT incredibly satisfying. In his own words: “Can’t recommend the company, their widgets, and their customer service/care enough!!”


Gavin Gordon’s story is a testament to how SociableKIT’s innovative solutions, like the Pinterest board widget, can revolutionize an e-commerce store’s interface and user experience. This case highlights the ease of use and exceptional customer support that SociableKIT offers, making it a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes.

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