Client Profile

Enhanced Drilling, a pioneering force in the offshore oil and energy sector, has been at the forefront of delivering innovative drilling services and technology for over 35 years.

With a dedicated team of 200 employees, they have made significant strides in the industry, especially with their groundbreaking RMR® and CTS technologies and their EC-Drill® CML system.

Renowned for its risk-reduction and environmentally beneficial systems, Enhanced Drilling has successfully completed over 1000 wells, revolutionizing the way the industry approaches challenging drilling scenarios.

Their commitment to continual technological advancement ensures that they remain leaders in creating next-generation drilling solutions that prioritize safety, reliability, and environmental sustainability.


Enhanced Drilling faced a challenge common to many innovative companies in specialized industries: effectively showcasing their advanced technologies and success stories to a wider audience.

Despite their significant achievements and expertise, their online presence, particularly on platforms like LinkedIn, wasn’t fully capturing the depth of their work or engaging their growing follower base of 6,845.

This gap in digital engagement limited their ability to attract new clients and partners, as well as to share their valuable insights and updates with existing followers in a dynamic, interactive way that truly reflected their industry-leading status.


The solution came in the form of SociableKIT’s LinkedIn Page Posts Widget, a dynamic tool tailored for Enhanced Drilling’s specific needs.

This innovative widget seamlessly integrated their LinkedIn updates directly onto their website, transforming it into a vibrant hub of real-time information.

It allowed Enhanced Drilling to showcase their latest technologies, success stories, and industry insights directly to website visitors. This not only enhanced user engagement but also significantly boosted their online presence.

The widget’s ability to display fresh, constantly updated content ensured that their website remained relevant, informative, and reflective of its cutting-edge position in the offshore drilling industry.


The integration of SociableKIT’s LinkedIn Page Posts Widget proved to be a game-changer for Enhanced Drilling.

Their website transformed into a dynamic showcase of their industry expertise, attracting more visitors and increasing engagement. The direct display of LinkedIn content led to a significant boost in their online visibility, enhancing their brand image.

This increased engagement translated into tangible results, with a noticeable uptick in inquiries and potential client interactions. Enhanced Drilling’s followers on LinkedIn grew, fostering a stronger community around their innovative work.

The widget’s impact went beyond just aesthetics, contributing to Enhanced Drilling’s overall business growth and online influence.


In conclusion, SociableKIT’s LinkedIn Page Posts Widget emerged as an effective solution for Enhanced Drilling’s challenge of showcasing its industry-leading work and engaging a broader audience.

By integrating this tool, Enhanced Drilling was able to leverage their LinkedIn content effectively, enhancing their website’s appeal and interactivity.

This strategic move not only improved their online presence but also played a crucial role in driving business growth and community engagement.

The success of this collaboration underscores the power of SociableKIT in transforming digital strategies and meeting the unique needs of its clients in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

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