How to add a Facebook page as event host?

  • The tutorial below works for Facebook business pages only. Not personal Facebook profile. Not Facebook groups.
  • Both the event creator and co-host (to be added) must be a Facebook page.
  • Both Facebook pages must be set to public. Age or country restrictions must be removed.
  • If all conditions above are met and it still did not work, unfortunately, we cannot answer why. Please click here to ask Facebook directly.

If you want an event from another Facebook page to appear on your SociableKIT Facebook page events solution, your Facebook page needs to be a co-host of that event.

You can ask the owner of the event to do it for you in 3 easy steps. Here’s how.

Please make sure the you are using a public Facebook page, not Facebook group or personal Facebook account. Remove any age or county restrictions on your settings. Your page must “like” the event host’s page as well.

Step #1: Go to the Facebook page event, on the upper right corner, click “Edit Event” button.

Step #2: It will show the “Edit Event” pop up box, scroll down and you will see the “Co-hosts” option. Type the page of the co-host you want.

Step #3: Click the co-host from the drop-down and click the blue “Save” button.

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      • I just tried it and it’s not working. It’s only showing up other friends, not any of the pages I run. Is there a bug on Facebook’s system preventing this, or do I have to do something extra to make this work?

        • Hi Chuck. There might be a bug on Facebook’s system. I encounter this issue as well. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Unfortunately, we do not have control over their system.

          • The more likely issue is they are making an event from their personal account and not from a Page. Personal profiles can’t add Pages as cohosts to events. You must make the event from a Page.

  1. Hello,
    Your information looks really valid. My situation is a bit different but maybe you could still recommend what to do ?
    I created an event from my personal account and now I want to add my page as a co host, but the co host auto fill box are just for friends .
    I want to put and ad for the event but without adding my page as a co host I cannot do anything.

    Is there a solution?

    • Hi Zydre, you can create a new Facebook page and use it to create your event. I believe you can advertise events on your Facebook page.

  2. I’ve just tried this but the page I want to be the cohost isn’t showing up when I type it into the box.
    It did previously but it isn’t anymore!
    Any suggestions?

    • Hi Tom, did you like the page that you want to be a co-host. If that did not work, try asking the page to make you an editor of that page.

  3. I do not see any option for co-hosts on the user interface. I’ve been through countless times to try and figure it out but have come up with nothing.

  4. It’s not possible. Once you created an event, facebook doesn’t allow you to add other co-hosts. Please Mike, be more concise with your information here.

    • Hi Frederik, I cannot reproduce the issue. I’m able to add other Facebook pages as co-host as seen on the screenshots. I just tried it now and it works.


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