How to sync Facebook Group Events to Google Calendar on Website?


Today I will teach you how to customize and embed Facebook Group Events to Google Calendar on website. View a live demo on a website here: View Demo

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Here a text version of our tutorial.

1. Create a free-trial SociableKIT account here and log in. [Video Tutorial]

2. Click ‘+ Create Solution’ button.

3. On the pop-up, enter the ‘name’ of your feed and select ” Facebook Group Events to Google Calendar ” option.

5. Click the ‘Copy URL’ button.

6. Open your Google calendar.

7. On the left side, see “Add friend’s calendar” field.

8. Click the plus (+) icon > click “From URL” option.

9. On “URL of calendar” field, copy and paste the link you copied above.

10. Click ‘Add Calendar’ button. Loading will take 2-3 minutes.

11. After 2-3 minutes, refresh the Google calendar.

12. See the left side if your calendar was loaded.

Your Facebook group events should now be showing in your Google Calendar.

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