Client Profile

Located in the heart of Belgrade, Serbia, Studio Kinesthetic serves the aesthetic and medicinal needs of those looking for the best medical facials and pedicures. They set the gold standard for salon sanitation with their unwavering dedication to hygiene, guaranteeing a pleasant and safe experience. Studio Kinesthetic is a team of highly skilled therapists who specialize in revitalizing and renewing their clients. The company was founded on the values of professionalism and individualized care.


As he builds a website for Studio Kinesthetic, Michael Dudenko has to deal with a frequent but important issue: how to display their stellar Google customer evaluations best. Despite receiving favorable feedback, Studio Kinesthetic found it challenging to promote its success in an era where internet credibility is crucial for obtaining business. It would be easier for the studio to establish credibility and confidence online with a simplified solution that would prevent prospective clients from quickly accessing the insightful opinions and experiences of others.


Michael discovered that Studio Kinesthetic might benefit from SociableKIT’s Google Reviews widget. Studio Kinesthetic created an excellent testimonial wall of happy customers by showcasing their stellar Google reviews on their website by incorporating this widget. Potential customers found it easy to obtain and believe these testimonials because of the widget’s user-friendly interface.


For Studio Kinesthetic, the outcomes of using SociableKIT’s Google Reviews widget were astounding. Due to potential customers’ ease of access and confidence in the featured Google reviews, their internet presence reached unprecedented heights.

The positive outcomes for Studio Kinesthetic were clear:

Client Review

“Exceptional service! Our experience with SociableKIT was fantastic. Their team went above and beyond to meet our needs. Professional, reliable, and top-notch quality. Support is extremly fast, they respond in few minutes and quickly resolve all our requests.” – Michael Dudenko


SociableKIT was Studio Kinesthetic’s game-changing innovation required to succeed in the cutthroat world of cosmetics and health. This change increased inquiries, reservations, and—above all—potential customers’ trust. SociableKIT successfully fulfilled the essential requirement of showcasing customer feedback, as it not only met but surpassed Studio Kinesthetic’s expectations.

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