Client Profile

Naru J. Kang is a skilled consultant specializing in online shopping businesses. She has found great success by incorporating the SociableKIT widget into her strategy. This smart widget helps her display Google Reviews on her website, showcasing real customer opinions.

As a result, Naru has been able to attract more customers. By highlighting these genuine reviews, she has built a strong foundation of trust and credibility in her consulting services.


Being a small business owner, Naru J. Kang faced a couple of significant challenges. Firstly, she struggled with how to effectively display customer feedback on her website. This was crucial for building her business’s reputation.

Secondly, she needed to make her online consulting presence more noticeable to potential clients. To tackle these issues, Naru was on the lookout for an efficient tool. This widget was needed to not only showcase Google reviews but also engage more customers in her e-commerce consulting services.


The Google Reviews widget from SociableKIT turned out to be the perfect solution for Naru. It seamlessly integrated with her existing business operations, allowing her to display live customer feedback on her site. This functionality was a game-changer.

It enhanced her business’s image, making her appear more trustworthy and reliable to prospective clients. With this widget, Naru could effectively demonstrate the positive experiences of her previous customers, thus attracting new business opportunities.


Naru saw a chance in how well she could serve customers and in the way her business looked. SociableKIT’s easy-to-use widget and helpful customer service made her work simpler. This made her want to try more of their service to make her business even better.

Client Review

“The products, customer service, and all of the documentation make SociableKIT such a pleasure to add to my small business. They have all of the widgets any company could be looking for, and they respond quickly to customer service chats. I started using them for Google Reviews, but something tells me I’ll use more of their widgets soon!” – Naru J. Kang


Naru J. Kang’s experience is a great example of how beneficial SociableKIT can be for businesses, particularly small online shops. Her story highlights the flexibility and user-friendliness of SociableKIT’s widgets.

These widgets are not only easy to integrate but also very effective in enhancing a business’s online presence. By using SociableKIT, Naru was able to grow her business efficiently, demonstrating its usefulness for business owners looking to expand their reach and attract more customers.

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