Client Profile

Ninja Media a leading software firm in Singapore, has recently updated its services. They’ve included SociableKIT’s Google Reviews feature, to promote their marketing tools for email, SMS, and WhatsApp. This integration aims to boost their business efficiency and client engagement.


Ninja Media offers great email marketing services but had trouble proving their expertise and customer satisfaction to potential clients. People usually believe in reviews and positive feedback from others when choosing a service.

This challenge made it difficult for Ninja Media to draw in new customers. Adding real customer reviews to their website helped solve this problem, making it easier to win trust from new clients.


SociableKIT’s Google Reviews widget was an ideal choice for Ninja Media. The widget made it easy for them to show real comments from clients on their website.

It offered a clear and honest look at what they do, which made them seem more credible and professional. This transparency helped build trust with potential customers, showing them what others think about Ninja Media’s services.


Ninja Media saw a big jump in how customers see and trust them. Adding real-time Google reviews to their website showed they are experts and made more people notice them. This change also made them more attractive to people who might want to use their services.

Client Review

“I can’t believe your free widget package itself can be so professional. Love it. Thank you guys.” – Ninja Media


Ninja Media’s story shows how well SociableKIT’s Google Reviews widget works for making a business look better online and more trustworthy. Showing real, up-to-date reviews on a website can change how customers see a business.

This can lead to more people noticing and trusting the company. In turn, it can help the business grow and attract more customers.

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