Client Profile

Christina is the proud owner of the Hide Away, a charming and simple holiday home perfect for Christmas and New Year getaways. Nestled in a picturesque setting, this cozy retreat offers visitors a unique and intimate experience of Cyprus’s stunning beauty.

The Hide Away, with its welcoming atmosphere, invites guests to relax and enjoy the serene surroundings. It’s a delightful spot for anyone looking to experience a home away from home during their holiday.


Despite its appeal and welcoming vibe, Christina faced challenges in making Hide Away known and trusted by potential guests. She struggled to convey the exceptional experiences that previous visitors had enjoyed.

To increase bookings, Christina realized she needed an effective way to communicate the joy and satisfaction of past guests, thereby building trust and attracting more people to her holiday home.


To address this, Christina cleverly integrated Google and Airbnb review widgets on her website. These widgets displayed genuine and recent reviews from former guests. By doing so, Christina’s website became more engaging and trustworthy.

Potential guests could now easily see and relate to the positive experiences shared by others. This strategy made Hide Away more noticeable, showcasing its unique qualities clearly and appealingly, and ultimately, helped Christina draw more bookings for her lovely holiday home.


After adding Google and Airbnb review tools from SociableKIT to her website, Christina saw a big impact on visitors, interest, and direct questions about Hide Away. This led to more people knowing about and wanting to stay at her holiday home.

Client Review

“Amazing! I can’t believe the service I received from these guys and I got the free widgets. Thank you!” – Christina Styllianou, Owner of Hide Away


By using SociableKIT to display real feedback from guests online, Christina significantly boosted her business. SociableKIT, a user-friendly tool, helped showcase genuine guest satisfaction, making it easier for new customers to see the joy and comfort previous visitors experienced.

This approach was vital for Christina’s small business to stand out from competitors. It led to an increase in bookings and played a crucial role in building a strong, trusted relationship with her customers. This simple yet effective use of SociableKIT transformed how potential guests viewed the Hide Away, making it a more popular choice for holiday stays.

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