SociableKIT release notes: August 22, 2021

SociableKIT solutions were mentioned below. View live demos here. Learn how to use different SociableKIT solutions from our tutorials here.


  • New SociableKIT solutions: The following solutions are now officially released.
  • YouTube live video: You may now connect your Google account and select the YouTube channel that you want to use. Showing your YouTube live stream is now more reliable.
  • Google My Business profile solution: Under the ‘Details’ tab, we added a new option called “Show business hours status”. This option will allow you to show or hide your business hours status like “Closed”, “Temporarily closed”, “Closing”, or “Permanently closed”.
  • YouTube channel solution: Under the ‘Video Item’ tab, we added a new option called “Show full video title”. This option will allow you to display your full video title. Thanks to Will of RMG for requesting this feature!
  • Facebook page photo album (one photo album), Pinterest board, and Flickr Albums (multiple albums) solution: Under the ‘Photos’ tab, we added a new option called “Layout”. This option will allow you to customize your photos in the “Grid” or “Carousel” layout.
  • Instagram feed solution: Under the ‘Posts’ tab, we added a new option called “Column count on mobile”. This option will allow you to set the default column count of posts on mobile view. Thanks to Candace for requesting this feature!


  • LinkedIn profile posts solution: Post with a YouTube link video is now displayed with a thumbnail and play button on it. Thanks to Leichtbau of BW GmbH for requesting this improvement!
  • Facebook page posts solution: On the tablet view, the bio description is now aligned left. The unwanted white space is now also removed.
  • Google My Business profile solution: When you clone a solution, all the color settings are now copied as well. Thanks to Safak of Läderach for requesting this improvement!
  • Instagram hashtag feed solution: Under the ‘Moderation’ tab, the option “Pre-approval posts” box is now displaying 150 posts. Before it was only 100 posts. Thanks to Lucian of Iulius Management Center for requesting this improvement!
  • Instagram feed solution: We added space to the bottom bio to avoid the content being cut off.
  • Eventbrite events solution: To implement a minimalist design, we removed the icons on the feed and popups.
  • LinkedIn page events solution: In the carousel layout, if the event description is long, a scrollbar can now be used to read the whole information.
  • Google reviews solution: On the popup, the long business address beside the name of the reviewer is now shorter. It was changed to the business place name.
  • Twitch channel and Vimeo showcase solution: An “X” icon is now appearing when the search box is used. This icon can be used to easily clear the search box.
  • Facebook page shop solution: For a better user experience, we replaced the share icon with a “Share” text. We also Increase the width of the description and added proper spacing.
  • Facebook page posts solution: The feed can now display up to 100 posts if not moderated. Thanks to Robert for requesting this improvement!


  • Twitter feed solution: The options “Enable links” and “Open post on Twitter” are now working consistently once enabled or disabled.
  • LinkedIn page post solution: The content of shared posts that overlap is now fixed.
  • Twitter collections solution: Fixed an issue where the post item with image and video is not displaying when clicked on pop up.
  • Facebook page posts solution: All posts are now displaying on the “exclude posts” pop-up so that you can select the posts to exclude. Thanks to Joanne of Noranda Netball Association for reporting this issue!
  • Google reviews solution: Fixed an issue where the review boxes are stretched too long vertically when using the grid layout.
  • YouTube playlist (single playlist) solution: Fixed an issue where the playlist thumbnail is not showing. The play icon that is dislocated is now fixed as well.
  • Facebook page shop solution: Fixed an issue when on the first load, the items are being cut off and website links are not clickable. We also removed the underline on the share button and made the text centered.
  • Eventbrite events solution: Fixed an issue when using Huawei P30 and iPhone devices with Google chrome browser. The month view is not fully visible. Thanks to Head on Media for reporting this issue!
  • Facebook page photo album (one album) solution: Fixed an issue where the feature “Arrow color” and “Arrow hover color” are not reflecting in the feed when used. The image on every slide is now working orderly as well.
  • Eventbrite events solution: Fixed an issue wherein the list layout, the event that has no image is showing a black image. Thanks to Carissa of SF Oasis for reporting this issue!

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